Saturday, February 21, 2015

News Update February 2015

Jonathan is now with a 60-strong group of young people for a WildFire half-term outreach in London.  He loves these times, and find that he grows in confidence and maturity with each outreach.
Now a few weeks in, Elisa’s job as a care assistant for adults with special needs is working out really well.  The job suits her heart of mercy mixed with her initiative and enthusiasm to help people.  She takes them shopping, to pick up the children from school, or she might spend time at home with them cooking and cleaning.  It is more that full-time and she loves the idea of building savings toward her next big adventure.

Linda was invited into the English for Missions classroom to give the students conversation practice.  The first question from every pair was, “What do you do here?”  It is surprisingly hard to explain to a native English speaker!  Support and advising in the Personnel Office continues, and there are many more broader leadership tasks that she’s picking up.  Understanding more about Extension Studies now means that she can begin walking it through with new course leaders from around the world.

We’ll both attend International YWAM leaders’ meetings from 9-17 March in Amsterdam together, gathering with other leaders within YWAM’s training arm called the University of the Nations.  Jonathan’s 18th birthday comes the day after we return, and we can’t wait to celebrate our son’s big landmark day.

The class Phil is teaching this week in Honolulu this week, he travels to LA this weekend to teach the SBS class there.

 A cool, cloudy, wet day in Honolulu!!

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