Sunday, April 21, 2013

Check out the latest news letter  from The King's Lodge.  A great read!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Tanzania stories

Visiting an orphanage near Kilimanjaro

I just got back from Tanzania and had a truly brilliant and amazing time and experience!  First of all I would like to thank you deeply for your help and support through the 12 days.   

My highlight was when I went to Masai Land and we had a great day seeing the astonishing views and seeing the wild donkeys.  We visited a local Masai village and prayed for healing over them, it was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity which I was blessed with.  At night we ate sheep that we brought and had lots of fun around the camp fire with the children.  We also have visited schools and orphanages and help the kids in the area.   

Thank you again for your help.  God Bless you and I love you.
Regards, Jonathan

So many people!

An email came to my desk from a past student telling the story of what God is doing in her life and the freedom He is bringing to her.  She closed by saying:

But thank you still more for giving your life to build a place where people are enabled to sort out their hearts before God! My life is changed and goes on being changed! I can't wait for SBS! 

Registration of our new students April 2013
Our work at The King's Lodge is so much about building a platform for people to meet with God and learn about Him - His ways and His goodness.  What a privilege to be a part of this impact in people's lives.

Our new term is one week in, and there are so many people!!  Four courses here have gathered people from 26 nations onto our campus and nearly 70 students.  What a lot of work, and what an amazing opportunity to impact the nations FOR the nations. 

A Break in Bath

After extended travel and pressured schedules at home, we put Jonathan on a plane to Tanzania and then slipped off together for a few days alone in Bath.  What a beautiful region and a beautiful town! 

Unfortunately, neither of us felt well by this point so we enjoyed being in our lovely room far more than we planned.  We did managed an afternoon of sightseeing in below-freezing howling weather!

The Bath Abbey is just a stunning building and we recognized the life of the Spirit working in this ancient church.  Afternoon tea in the Regency Tea Room in the Jane Austen Centre was a highlight.