Thursday, December 06, 2012

Teaching through Technology

We have faced a heavy travel schedule for me this autumn.  Teaching via tele-conferencing has allowed me to still invest in many more places without being away from home so much.  Both Heidebeek, Holland, and Lausanne, Switzerland, have linked up recently for a week of input.   A few months ago I taught this way “in” Mexico and “in” New Zealand, but I was often teaching early in the morning or very late at night due to the time differences.

Technology is moving so quickly right now that it remains our challenge to keep up-to-date with all the ways it can be used for the Kingdom.  I am so thankful for the techies who serve in our mission to make these things possible.  We need more of them!

Church Opportunities

I have had the extra opportunities this autumn to preach in different churches.  A few times in our own church here in the Midlands; in my home church in Hove; a dear friend’s church in Worcester; and a Shropshire church were some of the congregation have enrolled in our on-line SBS programme. 

Past students of mine have set up a “DIY Bible Study” course through their church in Sheffield – and over 100 people have signed up!  What a privilege to travel there two nights to teach the book of Deuteronomy to this eager crowd.

Lots of Traveling

Beautiful Singapore
In September/October I was teaching at our SBS in Singapore. It has been 22 years since I was last there and it was a joy to see the quality of our Bible programme and the expertise or our staff. I took the opportunity to revisit Penang ,Malaysia, while so close. You may remember we spent time there as a family 14 years ago. Again it was a wonderful reunion and fellowship with dear friends and a joy to see how the work has matured.

 During November I had a wonderful teaching trip to Honolulu and Mexico. Yes, the weather was wonderful and Hawaii continues to be beautiful. Our school there has a gifted leader how is working on make the school bi-lingual - English and Japanese. If you know Honolulu, you will know how appropriate this is. It was a thrill to be able to encourage this pioneer school.

True Mexican Food!
Likewise, the school in Tijuana, Mexico, is also in the pioneering stages and I was so encouraged with the commitment and quality of our young leaders there. The aim is to soon be bi-lingual Spanish-English with the aim of serving the huge Spanish-speaking world. While in Mexico I met a couple who I taught six years ago when I was in Chile (they were newly married then). As we sat at the table with his pregnant wife and 3 children, he said to me, “Phil, that teaching you gave in Chile on the Song of Solomon really has borne fruit!”