Friday, September 21, 2012

Summer happenings

Our blog is long overdue an update.  So much has happened since our time in France.  Below are some of the main events.

  • ·         I (Phil) am spending more time with my mother in Brighton as part of a family care package.  My mother is 87 and suffering with dementia  and Alzheimer’s.  Though she is still able to do much, more consistent care is needed. 
  • ·         Elisa and Jonathan have gotten off to a great start in their new school, at The Midland Studio College.  Both are eager to get through the initial stages and down to the real work.
  • ·         Linda continues to lead on our Personnel Department and, at the same time, she has needed to take up her previous job as manager of the main responsibilities of running the house.  This is a massive work load and quite stressful.  In a few weeks new department heads should have been trained and life should be a little more back to normal.
  • ·         I continue to teach/preach, having spent time in Switzerland and New Zealand -- well, New Zealand was only virtually, via Skype, but a rich time none-the-less. 
  • ·         The King’s Lodge has hosted a number of outreach teams over these past few months.  It has been a rich though very busy time for us, with great fruit.  Our Olympic outreach focus was Coventry, one of the Olympic Football cities.  We saw wonderful partnerships with a number of churches which we believe will continue long past this sporting event.
  • ·         This last week we concluded our annual ‘staff days’, a time when we get together as a staff and prepare for the new school year.  We have a DTS and an SBS beginning in a couple of weeks which we are very excited about. 
  • ·         The online SBS schools continue, with another church partnership beginning soon.  Below is a map with all of the active student and staff locations.

  • View Online Students Staff and church partnerships in a larger map

We are so grateful to you for your continued interest and prayers, which we value very much.