Friday, June 15, 2012

Un grand moment en France

Last Saturday Linda and I flew from Birmingham BHX to Paris.  I was invited to teach on the BCC here in the Champagne region so we decided that as it would our 20th wedding anniversary this month, we should spend a weekend in Paris to celebrate.  The Eiffel Tower is spectacular, the Champs-Élyées beautiful, the Arc de Triomphe imposing and the cuisine delicious.  The Louvre was fascinating, especially with the Mesopotamian section, and the Code of Hammurabi was much smaller than I thought it would be.  Still not sure why the Mona Lisa is so famous but I do think she is smiling. 
I have been teaching Jeremiah to this group of mainly French students, as well as seminar participants who have joined for the week.  It is such a pleasure to be part of this French-speaking school and to see the work here, and such a blessing to be in this book that so expresses the longsuffering love of God.
“Thank you, Phil, for your teaching, it really helped me to understand the book of Jeremiah and gave me interest to go deeper…”
“Thank you for your teaching of Jeremiah.  It opened my heart to the God full of mercy and justice…” 

Last Day of School

Those words bring joy to almost every child’s heart, and our two are just the same.  June 13 was the final day of school for our two home schoolers, and also the final day of their home school experience.

In September a new school will open in Hinckley, just 4 miles from us.  Midland Studio College is designed for 14-19 year olds to finish their academic experience but also has a work experience element added.  Jonathan has been accepted into beginning his GCSE studies, and Elisa will begin her A-levels with a focus on Health and Social Care.  Have a look at Midland Studio College here. 

This change in education will also change the mobility our family has enjoyed for the past 3-1/2 years.  It has been a wonderful season of family travel for which we are so grateful.

Confusing and Clueless Without You

Although it was a great offer, the Bible Core Course leader from Switzerland could find no one who felt available to teach the book of Romans.  The class would be mobile, and this letter was to be studied on location in Rome. 

With a last-minute squeeze and tweak to his schedule, Phil jetted off to Rome at the start of June and taught 7 hours the first day.  Next morning he joined the class tour of the sites and taught them 2-1/2 hours more in the evening of the second day.  The classroom?  Picnic tables at the campsite where they stayed.   

His best reward came through a student’s thank you comment:  “Thanks Phil.  Romans would have been confusing and clueless without you.”