Monday, April 16, 2012

What a Strange Few Weeks

What a strange few weeks. Three weeks ago I found myself fighting a flu virus, doing the minimum of my responsibilities here and trying to rest, living with the normal aches and pains.  Friday I got up feeling much better - this was good as Monday I was due to fly to Switzerland to teach one of our Bible schools there.  However as Friday continued, the pain in my side increase so much that I was literally on the floor in agony! Being Good Friday the Doctor was unavailable so we did our best with pain killers we had.  With no relief Easter Sunday, we went to the hospital and it seems I had a trapped nerve!  As I could not walk, I had to cancel the trip to Switzerland much to the disappointment of all involved.

My not going left a gap in their being able to fulfil their curriculum; as the days passed, the Lausanne school leader got in touch and enquired if I was better. I had make progress, so Thursday I headed to the airport with the comfort of knowing I would have "special assistance".  I was taken by wheel chair to the plane, jumping all of the queues, and met at the other end to be wheeled to my host.

I spent 16 hours teaching over 2-1/2 days by sitting on a stool at the front of the class, and then whisked back to the airport to receive more "special assistance".  I am so grateful to the Lord that I am on the mend, but also that I could fulfil this engagement.  It was in excellent time in the gospel of Luke where revelation abounded as this marvellous Gospel was explored.

More stool teaching this week, here at the King’s Lodge this time, and then answering an SOS by teaching a Bible school in Mexico via Skype in the evenings!  A busy week ahead.