Sunday, March 11, 2012

Return to The Lodge

All four of us returned to The King's Lodge on the 1st of March.

My two weeks with family, friends and churches was what I had hoped for - refreshing and reconnecting.  Blue skies, 70 mph winds, 10 inches of snow, shirt-sleeve weather, we had it all (but not at the same time).  A highlight was working on a jigsaw puzzle with my parents.  It had been my grandmother's from ages ago; somewhat prophetically it was of Brighton Gardens, England.

The one-day layover Phil, Jonathan and Elisa enjoyed in Istanbul was great.  Meeting with a family in ministry there who we had trained at The King's Lodge was a special treat.  The kids weren't prepared for the snow in Turkey, though!

Now back we are in full swing again.  Outreach teams have just returned from Kosovo and Macedonia; teams are preparing to head to India, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. 

Thanks to video-conferencing technology, Phil's week of teaching in Perth, Australia, will be done from his desk in his office this coming week - Old Testament overview, the Pentateuch, how to read narrative history, and overviews of Judges, Joshua and Samuel.  That should keep him busy!!