Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Leages!

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

One year ago today …

Another year of family adventure began on December 6th, 2010.  Delayed by fog, we missed our connection to San Francisco.  Our first unexpected treat of the year – being re-routed to Hawaii through Japan.

Another 4 months in Kona, Hawaii, were spent in further development of the on-line SBS, tapping into so many resources there that otherwise would not have been possible, and growing in understanding of the on-line learning medium.  Our family flourished during this trip, creating wonderful life-time memories of the 4 of us together. 
BCC Fiji

Return to The King’s Lodge in England coincided with the launch of a Korean/ English Bible Core Course (BCC) which Phil co-led (especially on the English side!). 

Teaching opportunities over this year:
Bible Core Course (BCC):  Fiji, New Zealand, England (The King’s Lodge), Switzerland, South Korea, and Egypt (via Skype).
School of Biblical Studies (SBS):  The King’s Lodge and Kona (USA).
Discipleship Training School (DTS):  The King’s Lodge and Kona. 

Not to be outdone, Elisa and Jonathan were able to travel (without us) to Mexico, Romania, Italy, and around the UK to grow and share their faith with others.

Family in Brighton became a focus over the Spring and Summer when Phil’s mother was in and out of hospital,  and David (Phil’s brother) began chemotherapy and then experienced blood clots which induced 2 near-fatal cardiac arrests.  Nuneaton home life had to be adjusted and Phil’s teaching trip to Tokyo was cancelled to help support the family.   We stand in awe as we tell of their amazing recoveries and the way we have known God’s presence through this time. 

On-line SBS curriculum is now complete and uploaded – available even to you!  Teaching materials, videos teachings, interactive lessons, etc. for all 66 books of the Bible are ready and in use, and the staff working with Phil has increased to 12.  Spread across 12 time zones from Fiji to Sweden, scheduling on-line staff meetings and training sessions has been a challenge!

I’m splitting my time between home-schooling the children and leading the Personnel Department at The King’s Lodge.  In between we’ve been supporting  major changes taking place in The King’s Lodge infrastructure and with our TKL web page:

This last year has been amazing – looking forward to what’s ahead!