Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sweet Reunions

The first two weeks of September for Phil were spent strategizing, negotiating, training and dreaming together with like-minded people. 

The training arm of Youth With A Mission is the “University of the Nations” (U of N), with campuses in over 150 nations.   The bi-annual U of N workshop, which gathered nearly 600 YWAM training faculty, became a place of affirming the same values while working from different corners of the world, and of planning for the future.

His time was sweet in three ways:
  1. Meeting up with the YWAM “family” in the very special place of Kona, Hawaii, was incredible.  There is such excitement within the mission for on-line learning, and Phil seems to be a leading pioneer in the field.  If only we could do half of what they all dreamed up for us!! 
  2.  We loved welcoming him home to us again; two weeks away can feel like a long time!  Elisa and Jonathan were already a week into their new school year with The Oaks Virtual Academy and had lots to catch him up with.  It was also a busy time for me in the Personnel Office, welcoming new staff and positioning those already here. 
  3. We asked Phil to bring us a bottle of pancake syrup – which he did – but the security inspectors pulled it out of the duffel to have a look and then plopped it back at the very top of the bag.  The result was a crushed ½ gallon (nearly 2 litres) bottle of syrup dripping through our luggage and the whole luggage compartment from Kona to LAX to Amsterdam to Birmingham.  Can’t begin to describe the clean-up process.  Maybe not so sweet?

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