Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So Pleased ...

Just concluded a wonderful 10 days on the beautiful Korean Island of Jeju, at the U of N Campus Bible Core Course, teaching Deuteronomy and Kings. 
The comment of one student was that before these two weeks, ‘I hated the Old Testament and the God I saw there.  Now I see the same God of the New Testament and am beginning to love the Old Testament’. 
So pleased someone was listening!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

‘…who turns the rock onto a pool of water…’ Psalm 114:8

It was just over a year ago that I was at this same YWAM training campus on the South Korean Island of Jeju.  Then I was teaching Romans to an eager class of about 60 students and at the same time praying much whether I should take the family back to Kona, Hawaii, for a second time.  The financial barrier seemed insurmountable as we had no recourse to make this happen, and I was wrestling in prayer to know if it was the right thing to do.  At that time I was meditating on Psalm 114, and it was verse 8 that challenged me where it speaks about God bring water from a rock.  Jeju is a volcanic Island with no shortage of rocks!  I would look at such a rock and wonder how water, or in my case provision, could ever come from such an entity.  But  according to this psalm it is God who brings such miraculous provision from such an unlikely place.

Jon Ho, my translator

I am back on this island of Jeju again for this week and next, teaching on a brand new (for this campus) Bible Core Course (BCC).  I was co-leading the bi-lingual English/Korean BCC last April at The King’s Lodge where the staff and leader for this school running here now were trained.  This very helpful Bible training programme is training 40 students and additional staff so that it can be multiplied throughout this nation and beyond.  It is a joy to be teaching the significant and foundational books of Deuteronomy and Kings for this multiplication venture.

As I went for a walk this afternoon and saw those same rocks, I was reminded of the gracious, faithful provision of God.  As you will be aware we as a family did to back to Hawaii for those four months, and looking back I can see how God did indeed turn flint (Ps 114:7) into a pool of water with his gracious provision.  But more than that, it prove to be one of the most significant four months in my ministry so far in relationship to the on-line courses I am developing. 

Surely we should ‘Tremble…at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob’ (Ps. 114:7).

Monday, October 17, 2011

Good Morning, South Korea!

Phil should be climbing out of bed soon at Jeju Island and getting ready for his first day of teaching on the Bible Core Course run in South Korea.  It’s tough to cover Deuteronomy and Kings in just over a week!  The heart and intentions of God are so strong and clear in these books that I know many will grow in awe of our great God – and discover that the God of the Old Testament is so “slow to anger and rich in love.”

Our dear Jonathan “Foghorn” Leage has been struggling with his health this past week.  Three days in bed with the flu were followed by a terrible cough and cold.  He seems to be on the mend and all efforts are in that direction.

Elisa “I need more to do” Leage is exploring volunteer opportunities in our local area including a Christian coffee shop and a mums and toddlers group.  We love her energy and passion to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Home schooling, leading our Personnel Office along with some Media Department oversight fill my days with lots of diverse and wonderful thoughts. We are missing Phil and look forward to his return at the end of the month.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sweet Reunions

The first two weeks of September for Phil were spent strategizing, negotiating, training and dreaming together with like-minded people. 

The training arm of Youth With A Mission is the “University of the Nations” (U of N), with campuses in over 150 nations.   The bi-annual U of N workshop, which gathered nearly 600 YWAM training faculty, became a place of affirming the same values while working from different corners of the world, and of planning for the future.

His time was sweet in three ways:
  1. Meeting up with the YWAM “family” in the very special place of Kona, Hawaii, was incredible.  There is such excitement within the mission for on-line learning, and Phil seems to be a leading pioneer in the field.  If only we could do half of what they all dreamed up for us!! 
  2.  We loved welcoming him home to us again; two weeks away can feel like a long time!  Elisa and Jonathan were already a week into their new school year with The Oaks Virtual Academy and had lots to catch him up with.  It was also a busy time for me in the Personnel Office, welcoming new staff and positioning those already here. 
  3. We asked Phil to bring us a bottle of pancake syrup – which he did – but the security inspectors pulled it out of the duffel to have a look and then plopped it back at the very top of the bag.  The result was a crushed ½ gallon (nearly 2 litres) bottle of syrup dripping through our luggage and the whole luggage compartment from Kona to LAX to Amsterdam to Birmingham.  Can’t begin to describe the clean-up process.  Maybe not so sweet?