Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family miracles

Our holiday week in Brighton took on a far-more-than-expected significance.

Phil's brother and mother had both been releases from hospital just the week before.  David astounded all around him by recovering so well from 2 heart attacks which coindided with his his chemotherapy treatment for bowel cancer.  Phil's mum was up and around again after having a cancerous polyp removed.

What a joy to be with Mum, Judy, and Dave and Rita as we celebrated God's goodness to our family.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The End is in Sight

Every moment I have been able to, my focus has been on continuing to develop the on-line SBS.  I am encouraged as more people enrol and benefit from this course.  One graduate from Australia, Bindi, wrote on the fbSBS facebook page:
‘Hi - I finished my journey of fbSBS and SBS in June this year and now I am on staff for a Sept school, preparing my first teaching Ephesians. As its one of the first books, I'm recalling how I felt early in the school so I can help the students and comparing how God has changed me since then. I just wanted to encourage you all that this process is not insignificant. His Word changes us *forever*. I will now be a student of His Word for the rest of my life because I long to know more of Him. The inductive process, which was hard, is now second nature and helps me get to know God more and more.’

I am finishing up the final books that need to be uploaded on-line and then the entire course will be sent to one of our leaders in Swaziland, where the Internet connection is very poor or non-existent, and be available on their campus intranet.

You can check out what I have been doing on our demo courses available at  Although on-line learning is quite common now, it is new for our mission and I am among those leading the way in this area.  Quality, accessible training will be an enormous asset to our staff around the world.

At the end of August I will be in Kona, Hawaii, for a strategic University of the Nations conference.  There are major changes to the training in Youth With A Mission and exploring the on-line educational possibilities are part of that change.  I expect it to be quite an exciting time and it will, of course, be so much fun to be back where we have made such good friends these past few years.  I will be there about 14 days.

We continue to thank you so much for your love and support, and interest in what we as a family are involved in.

Family updates

These last few months have been full and very challenging and have turned out quite differently to what we expected, but in it all we have seen the kindness, peace and grace of God.  

My mother has had three spells in hospital so I have travelled down to Brighton each time to help with the convalescence and to support the family.  This last spell which was to remove a cancerous polyp.  The procedure went very well and she is making a wonderful recovery.

Also my brother, David, who was completing his last session of chemotherapy, suffered a heart attack and was rushed to hospital.  At one point we thought we were about to say goodbye to him, but in a remarkable way he pulled through and is making a good recovery.  After 3 weeks he was discharged from hospital on Tuesday. Truly a miracle, we celebrate his continuing life!

During this time Linda has taken on a new role at The King’s Lodge as Personnel Director.  It’s a demanding responsibility involving the heart of the running of the Lodge.  Elisa has just returned from a challenging outreach in Romania, and Jonathan from outreach in Sicily.   Each had quite a diverse time with Elisa spending much time in the poverty of the gypsy communities and Jonathan in a youth camp.  

Elisa has written a blog about her time at

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Summer half-time

Half-way through the summer already!  Here’s what’s been happening so far:

Get Out Camp 23-27 July: Over 100 participants moved in for the 4-day preparation camp before launching into outreaches to the Philippines, Romania, Sicily, and the UK (Weymouth and Droitwich). Phil and I served behind the scenes by washing pots and sweeping floors while the participants got on with team building and meeting with God.  

Jonathan is in Sicily:  Message came from the team leader to say, “Having wonderful time.  God is really meeting with us and using us.  Etna has erupted and it was breathtaking and very safe.”  Now Jonathan can add “volcano eruption” to his list of summer activities!   Mount Etna volcanic eruption 

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Elisa is in Romania:  They have been part of festivals and visited gypsy camps and orphanages.  Her team mates are experiencing a lot of sickness which is slowing them down.

I am in the office:  I am still learning the needs and methods of our Personnel Department.  The new schools will be on us before we know it, and my office will make a way for the staff to be available to run them and this facility.   I am now registered with the UK Border Agency to issue visa entry clearance certificates - step 1 of the visa process - and I have to equate doing this to sitting down to do my taxes.  Scary!!! but after a while I’m getting used to it.  

Phil is in Brighton:  A week ago today Phil’s brother, David, suffered a heart attack.  Only yesterday he was brought out of the sedation, and today he took 6 steps!!  Around the world (including Romania and Sicily) prayers have been calling out for God’s healing power, and I think we have just experienced a true miracle.  Please pray for David and his wife, Rita, as the recovery continues.  Hopefully Phil will be able to return home in a few days.