Saturday, July 09, 2011

Jonathan's Mission to Sicily

Family Reunion at TKL

YWAM England and Wales Staff Gathering met at The King's Lodge from the 1st-3rd of July.

We had just concluded a wonderful raining term the day before which meant many of those studying with us were able to join the gathering.  Relationship is what holds YWAM together, and vision for what God has ahead is what drives us; both were abundant during these days.  Hosting and feeding 300 people meant a lot of practical work, but it's fun when it's "family".

You'll remember that The King's Lodge has launched a building project which began with a new meeting room.  The interior work has yet to be done but we squeezed into our new room and worshipped together anyway.

Here is a face-paced video clip from YWAM England's media team of our weekend. Oh, and the weather was perfect!!