Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Girl, Birthday Boy, and the Happy Couple

Our beautiful girl turned 16 on the 23rd of June.  She is becoming such a godly young woman.  She's blogging about life; most recent update is here.

Phil - lover of horses - wonderful father, husband and friend turned ...58 on the 25th of June.  What a gift to our family and to the nations.
... and our 19th wedding anniversary was celebrated today, 27th of June.
And dear Jonathan missed much of the celebrating by going to Liverpool for the weekend with a WildFire outreach team.  Great ministry, great friends, great fun ... and little sleep!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Elisa Leage, World Traveller

Elisa returned to England on the 20th of May.  She came back extremely worn out, but loving God and people and life as never before.  This outreach has been an amazing experience.

She has continued to blog about her experiences and feelings so we'll let her speak for herself:

Back to an Irregular Routine

OK, we've been back in England nearly 2 months. 

Phil jumped into co-leading the Bible Core Course (BCC) almost immediately while Jonathan and I worked to established home life and a schooling schedule.  The Bilingual BCC is training 21 students in how to inductively study different genres of scripture and the course is going wonderfully.  It is such a privilege to be a part of it.

Two weeks of Phil teaching in New Zealand left Jonathan and me to ourselves - lots of fun together - and then Phil's trips to be with his mum in Brighton scattered us again.  Elisa's return from outreach in Mexico brought us all together for a few weeks. 

Thursday lunchtime Phil and a colleague travelled to Hurlach, Germany, for a gathering of 25 European SBS leaders and staff.  He is hosting the sessions and leading them in prayer, content and fun in Bavaria. 

Elisa and Jonathan finished their school year on June 15th which will free us up for an amazing summer. 

In a week's time I will assume the role as Personnel Director at The King's Lodge.  Over the summer I hope to get a handle on the role so that when we begin home school again in Septermber I can balance the children's needs with overseeing the Department.  May need your prayers on that one!

And Now There Are Two

Just weeks after our return to England Jonathan was fitted with braces on his teeth.  Thank you, God, for this provision through the National Health Service.

Now our kids have one more thing in common.