Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An Unexpected Turn

 Phil’s mum was admitted into hospital on Friday after collapsing in her home.  We thank God that she was not alone and received medical care immediately.  Although tests have been done we still don’t quite understand what happened.  One result of which we are sure, though, is that she is worn out from the experience.  A good lot of rest and pampering is in the diary for these next weeks.

Phil travelled down on Sunday to be with her and help with all the practical bits.  All four of the siblings were together for a few days, making it a special time for family in the midst of the concern.  Phil’s older brother, David, had begun his first course of chemotherapy to treat bowel cancer early that same week.  Worse than not feeling well, his immunities have decreased and doctors forbad him visiting his mum in hospital.

Elisa returns to England tomorrow (!!!!) after her extra 6 weeks of adventure.  Phil will make the 170 mile journey before the commuters think of hitting the roads so we can all meet her at Birmingham International Airport tomorrow morning.  Later in the week he’ll zoom back down the road to Brighton to help with Mum’s home care. 

You may remember that Phil is scheduled to teach on a DTS in Tokyo next week.  He has cancelled the trip in order to be with his mum, and is working through the travel insurance coverage in hopes of reclaiming the cost of the ticket. 

We’d value your prayers for Chris (Mum), David, and all of us really as we approach this uncertain time.
The Leage family at YWAM's 50th Celebration, September 2010

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Phil in New Zealand

This weekend has been a much unexpected time of rest and refreshment.  I am teaching on one of our Bible schools here on the South Island of New Zealand for these two weeks and the staff and students left on Friday for three days for a field trip.  I stayed behind enjoying the quiet of a rather remote farm house. 

I was still able to enjoy the royal wedding though, which began at 10pm!

In these two weeks we are exploring Deuteronomy, Kings, Micah and Ezra so we are covering a lot of ground.  The students are engaged and enthusiastic and for me this stuff never grows old.  As we went through Deuteronomy, this book where Moses and the second generation of Israel renew the covenant, I am struck again by the magnificent wisdom of God and how much this book has to teach us about nationhood, leadership and society.  

I return home Sunday to our own Bible school there at The King’s Lodge diving straight in teaching the beautiful (and much needed) book of The Song of Solomon, along with introducing the prophets of the Old Testament.  No time for dust to collect under my feet!

Thanks so much for keeping me and my family in your prayers.