Saturday, April 09, 2011

What a Week

Last Friday drew a conclusion to our 4 wonderful months in Kona.

A long weekend together in O'ahu was a wonderful family treat.  We enjoyed a road trip around the island, hiked the Diamond Head crater, splashed on Waikiki Beach, and the enjoyed the beautiful North Shore which got all our votes for being the most fantastic spot on the island.

Monday night Elisa flew out to join the DTS outreach team in Mexico.  Tuesday morning the rest of us caught our flight from Honolulu to LA to Paris to Birmingham, arriving early evening on Wednesday at The King's Lodge. 

This Friday (yesterday) we were a part of welcoming a new group of eager students ("trainees" for visa purposes).  Phil will be co-leading the Bible Core Course, which will be an English and Korean bi-lingual classroom.  Lots of names to learn and stories to hear and lives to become a part of. 

And the sun is shining in England!

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