Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Nations Come to England

A new term of training began at The King's Lodge on the 8th of April, just two days after our return.  We weren't the only ones to show up from the far ends of the earth.

"So there was a Colombian, an Indian and a Ghanaian who walked into the Snack Bar..." - perhaps a few years ago it actually might have been a joke, but now there is a new release of missionaries coming to England. Over 20 passports are represented this term.

Phil has joined the Bi-lingual Bible Core Course (BCC) as the school co-leader.  In 12 weeks these 21 students will inductively study 13 books of the Bible which represent different literary genres.  Letters, prophets, gospels, poetry, law - all need to be read and understood uniquely, and this course will guide them through providing the necessary tools.  The Korean translation of this class and all group gatherings is a new dimension for most of us, and the wonderful people and God's grace are making it very do-able.

The evening of Good Friday we put Phil on the plane to Oxford, New Zealand (via Christchurch)  He'll teach 3 books in two weeks on their BCC, returning on the 8th of May.  Ten days later Elisa will arrive!  Half-way through her outreach/child-minding, and she is doing so well but her family is missing her heaps.

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