Saturday, January 22, 2011

On-line Learning Explosion

Arrival, settling, reconnecting, Christmas celebrations ... all these had to happen before Phil could hit his stride.

The plan seemed simple.  Set aside four months to complete the curriculum for the on-line SBS.  This on-line course has been at least 5 years in the making, and Phil spent years gaining accreditation through YWAM’s training arm, The University of the Nations.  Practical and foundational training is especially relevant to those in the midst of ministry.  The on-line course is designed especially for these people who find it difficult to come away from their ministries to a residential course. 

Now we have found that we are not alone ...

Some YWAM Kona entrepreneurs have shifted the Foundations in Community Development (FCD) school into an on-line format and set January as their launch date.  Allan, the consultant who for years has walked with Phil through the process of adapting the SBS material, is arriving from Australia this weekend to advise and teach on the FCD .  Phil gets him in his spare time! 

The profile of YWAM on-line learning has skyrocketed suddenly; we only learned of FCD going on-line upon our arrival.   We are marvelling at God bringing us here at this time when ideas and skills are converging. 

TKL Alumni

Plopped here in the middle of the Pacific, it’s been a good week to be reminded of the fruit that is coming from the ministries of The King’s Lodge.

Last Sunday we attended a Kona farewell to a staff family who are moving back to the Mainland with a clear vision to be missionaries through their new jobs.  Bryan and Tara trained and worked at The King’s Lodge (TKL) a few years ago and we are so grateful that the Lodge is part of what God is doing in their lives.

Dave, who did DTS and SBS at TKL, was introduced in this week’s staff meeting as a central leader within the Kona Campus Services.  His wife, Carol, is now the Primary Health Care school leader in Kona after training with our team at TKL.

Last night’s community meeting with 600ish in attendance was given entirely to visiting worship leader, Jonathan David Helser.  Jonathan learned to play guitar at 19 while on his DTS at The King’s Lodge.

Whether formally or informally, the Christian life is spent investing in people and pointing them to the Father.  Our mobile lives often mean we don’t get to see the progress or the outcome, so we keep investing with a confidence that what we are doing in obedience is making a difference.  Every so often we get the privilege of a glimpse.

Yep, it’s been a pretty good week.

Daily Life

We are trying to build routine into our daily lives.  Phil has a desk in the SBS office which has become his “mission control”.  It is just across the road from where we are living - convenient, and keeps him linked in with the emerging SBS staff in Kona.

The kids' school room in is our condo.  The semester ends next week so we are finishing up assignments and preparing for exams.  The weekly live seminars began at 6pm (Jonathan) and 4pm (Elisa) in the UK; Hawaiian time now changes those seminars to 8am and 6am (yawn)!  From the other side of the fence homeschooling had looked easy; we must say we are grateful for the benefits, though, especially the ability to travel during term time. 

Our car is off the road again for the third time since we arrived.  Phil has worked so, so hard to keep it going.  The difficult balance is in knowing how much time and money we should invest into it – we just want it to stop fluids leaking from various locations!

Phil is sporting a new look with his new glasses since his frames broke a few weeks ago.  Thankfully we brought his prescription with us.  That was a lesson I learned when my glasses were broken on outreach in China and I had an eye test in Mandarin!

Whether we live in Hawaii or Nuneaton, the bumps and joys of life remind us to look up.  We are learning “the secret of living in every situation ...” (Philippians 4:12b NLT).