Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Leages!

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

One year ago today …

Another year of family adventure began on December 6th, 2010.  Delayed by fog, we missed our connection to San Francisco.  Our first unexpected treat of the year – being re-routed to Hawaii through Japan.

Another 4 months in Kona, Hawaii, were spent in further development of the on-line SBS, tapping into so many resources there that otherwise would not have been possible, and growing in understanding of the on-line learning medium.  Our family flourished during this trip, creating wonderful life-time memories of the 4 of us together. 
BCC Fiji

Return to The King’s Lodge in England coincided with the launch of a Korean/ English Bible Core Course (BCC) which Phil co-led (especially on the English side!). 

Teaching opportunities over this year:
Bible Core Course (BCC):  Fiji, New Zealand, England (The King’s Lodge), Switzerland, South Korea, and Egypt (via Skype).
School of Biblical Studies (SBS):  The King’s Lodge and Kona (USA).
Discipleship Training School (DTS):  The King’s Lodge and Kona. 

Not to be outdone, Elisa and Jonathan were able to travel (without us) to Mexico, Romania, Italy, and around the UK to grow and share their faith with others.

Family in Brighton became a focus over the Spring and Summer when Phil’s mother was in and out of hospital,  and David (Phil’s brother) began chemotherapy and then experienced blood clots which induced 2 near-fatal cardiac arrests.  Nuneaton home life had to be adjusted and Phil’s teaching trip to Tokyo was cancelled to help support the family.   We stand in awe as we tell of their amazing recoveries and the way we have known God’s presence through this time. 

On-line SBS curriculum is now complete and uploaded – available even to you!  Teaching materials, videos teachings, interactive lessons, etc. for all 66 books of the Bible are ready and in use, and the staff working with Phil has increased to 12.  Spread across 12 time zones from Fiji to Sweden, scheduling on-line staff meetings and training sessions has been a challenge!

I’m splitting my time between home-schooling the children and leading the Personnel Department at The King’s Lodge.  In between we’ve been supporting  major changes taking place in The King’s Lodge infrastructure and with our TKL web page:

This last year has been amazing – looking forward to what’s ahead!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

All's Well That Ends Well

The best prices for flights departed at 6:00am and returned at 10:00pm so we chose those to help make it possible to Jonathan to accompany Phil for the first time on one of his teaching trips.  They took off early last Sunday morning for Lausanne, Switzerland, for Phil to teach on their English/Korean Bible Core Course.

Jonathan kept up with his school work while Phil taught Genesis, Deuteronomy, and a Teaching and Preaching Seminar on Saturday.  They squeezed in wandering in the woods, a stroll around Lake Lausanne, 10-pin bowling with the whole campus, and finding nice chocolate to bring back for the ladies.

Returning home last night became more difficult than expected.  After circling Birmingham the pilot concluded the fog conditions were unsafe and he couldn't land.  For some reason instead they flew to Manchester to put the plane down - 100 miles away.  Coaches were hired, passengers transferred, and arrival into Birmingham finally happened just before 2am.

Yawn, but thank you, God, for a safe return

WildFire Blazes through Cambridge

YWAM The King's Lodge
WildFire Spreads to Cambridge
A team of 50 WildFire participants blazed through Cambridge during the October half-term week.  Soul Survivor, Youth for Christ, Urban Saints, YWAM and HOPE Cambridge partnered to gather hundreds of young people to share the love of God in practical ways and friendship-building through “Beyond Belief”.

Partnering with 3 local churches in Histon (Cambridge), WildFire began their days with worship, teaching prayer and preparation.  Community action and outreach projects followed, including a community talent night, football in the park and teaching circus skills, street evangelism, and helping with lunch clubs for retired people.

A tropical Elisa
Elisa and Jonathan had a fantastic week with this group of young people and families.  Highlights were doing street evangelism with Connie Taylor, a gifted evangelist and trusted friend to them.  They also liked the social events for the elderly where they sat and talked about each other's lives.  Priceless.

WildFire, an inter-generational missions model, is making a way for families and different ages to bring their strengths, learn from each other and work together in knowing God and making him known.  Our kids have  been involved with WildFire since 2007, travelling both throughout the UK and to China, Bosnia, Spain, South Africa, Romania and Italy.

WildFire has been perhaps the single most influential tool of God's work in their lives and we are so grateful!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So Pleased ...

Just concluded a wonderful 10 days on the beautiful Korean Island of Jeju, at the U of N Campus Bible Core Course, teaching Deuteronomy and Kings. 
The comment of one student was that before these two weeks, ‘I hated the Old Testament and the God I saw there.  Now I see the same God of the New Testament and am beginning to love the Old Testament’. 
So pleased someone was listening!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

‘…who turns the rock onto a pool of water…’ Psalm 114:8

It was just over a year ago that I was at this same YWAM training campus on the South Korean Island of Jeju.  Then I was teaching Romans to an eager class of about 60 students and at the same time praying much whether I should take the family back to Kona, Hawaii, for a second time.  The financial barrier seemed insurmountable as we had no recourse to make this happen, and I was wrestling in prayer to know if it was the right thing to do.  At that time I was meditating on Psalm 114, and it was verse 8 that challenged me where it speaks about God bring water from a rock.  Jeju is a volcanic Island with no shortage of rocks!  I would look at such a rock and wonder how water, or in my case provision, could ever come from such an entity.  But  according to this psalm it is God who brings such miraculous provision from such an unlikely place.

Jon Ho, my translator

I am back on this island of Jeju again for this week and next, teaching on a brand new (for this campus) Bible Core Course (BCC).  I was co-leading the bi-lingual English/Korean BCC last April at The King’s Lodge where the staff and leader for this school running here now were trained.  This very helpful Bible training programme is training 40 students and additional staff so that it can be multiplied throughout this nation and beyond.  It is a joy to be teaching the significant and foundational books of Deuteronomy and Kings for this multiplication venture.

As I went for a walk this afternoon and saw those same rocks, I was reminded of the gracious, faithful provision of God.  As you will be aware we as a family did to back to Hawaii for those four months, and looking back I can see how God did indeed turn flint (Ps 114:7) into a pool of water with his gracious provision.  But more than that, it prove to be one of the most significant four months in my ministry so far in relationship to the on-line courses I am developing. 

Surely we should ‘Tremble…at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob’ (Ps. 114:7).

Monday, October 17, 2011

Good Morning, South Korea!

Phil should be climbing out of bed soon at Jeju Island and getting ready for his first day of teaching on the Bible Core Course run in South Korea.  It’s tough to cover Deuteronomy and Kings in just over a week!  The heart and intentions of God are so strong and clear in these books that I know many will grow in awe of our great God – and discover that the God of the Old Testament is so “slow to anger and rich in love.”

Our dear Jonathan “Foghorn” Leage has been struggling with his health this past week.  Three days in bed with the flu were followed by a terrible cough and cold.  He seems to be on the mend and all efforts are in that direction.

Elisa “I need more to do” Leage is exploring volunteer opportunities in our local area including a Christian coffee shop and a mums and toddlers group.  We love her energy and passion to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Home schooling, leading our Personnel Office along with some Media Department oversight fill my days with lots of diverse and wonderful thoughts. We are missing Phil and look forward to his return at the end of the month.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sweet Reunions

The first two weeks of September for Phil were spent strategizing, negotiating, training and dreaming together with like-minded people. 

The training arm of Youth With A Mission is the “University of the Nations” (U of N), with campuses in over 150 nations.   The bi-annual U of N workshop, which gathered nearly 600 YWAM training faculty, became a place of affirming the same values while working from different corners of the world, and of planning for the future.

His time was sweet in three ways:
  1. Meeting up with the YWAM “family” in the very special place of Kona, Hawaii, was incredible.  There is such excitement within the mission for on-line learning, and Phil seems to be a leading pioneer in the field.  If only we could do half of what they all dreamed up for us!! 
  2.  We loved welcoming him home to us again; two weeks away can feel like a long time!  Elisa and Jonathan were already a week into their new school year with The Oaks Virtual Academy and had lots to catch him up with.  It was also a busy time for me in the Personnel Office, welcoming new staff and positioning those already here. 
  3. We asked Phil to bring us a bottle of pancake syrup – which he did – but the security inspectors pulled it out of the duffel to have a look and then plopped it back at the very top of the bag.  The result was a crushed ½ gallon (nearly 2 litres) bottle of syrup dripping through our luggage and the whole luggage compartment from Kona to LAX to Amsterdam to Birmingham.  Can’t begin to describe the clean-up process.  Maybe not so sweet?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family miracles

Our holiday week in Brighton took on a far-more-than-expected significance.

Phil's brother and mother had both been releases from hospital just the week before.  David astounded all around him by recovering so well from 2 heart attacks which coindided with his his chemotherapy treatment for bowel cancer.  Phil's mum was up and around again after having a cancerous polyp removed.

What a joy to be with Mum, Judy, and Dave and Rita as we celebrated God's goodness to our family.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The End is in Sight

Every moment I have been able to, my focus has been on continuing to develop the on-line SBS.  I am encouraged as more people enrol and benefit from this course.  One graduate from Australia, Bindi, wrote on the fbSBS facebook page:
‘Hi - I finished my journey of fbSBS and SBS in June this year and now I am on staff for a Sept school, preparing my first teaching Ephesians. As its one of the first books, I'm recalling how I felt early in the school so I can help the students and comparing how God has changed me since then. I just wanted to encourage you all that this process is not insignificant. His Word changes us *forever*. I will now be a student of His Word for the rest of my life because I long to know more of Him. The inductive process, which was hard, is now second nature and helps me get to know God more and more.’

I am finishing up the final books that need to be uploaded on-line and then the entire course will be sent to one of our leaders in Swaziland, where the Internet connection is very poor or non-existent, and be available on their campus intranet.

You can check out what I have been doing on our demo courses available at  Although on-line learning is quite common now, it is new for our mission and I am among those leading the way in this area.  Quality, accessible training will be an enormous asset to our staff around the world.

At the end of August I will be in Kona, Hawaii, for a strategic University of the Nations conference.  There are major changes to the training in Youth With A Mission and exploring the on-line educational possibilities are part of that change.  I expect it to be quite an exciting time and it will, of course, be so much fun to be back where we have made such good friends these past few years.  I will be there about 14 days.

We continue to thank you so much for your love and support, and interest in what we as a family are involved in.

Family updates

These last few months have been full and very challenging and have turned out quite differently to what we expected, but in it all we have seen the kindness, peace and grace of God.  

My mother has had three spells in hospital so I have travelled down to Brighton each time to help with the convalescence and to support the family.  This last spell which was to remove a cancerous polyp.  The procedure went very well and she is making a wonderful recovery.

Also my brother, David, who was completing his last session of chemotherapy, suffered a heart attack and was rushed to hospital.  At one point we thought we were about to say goodbye to him, but in a remarkable way he pulled through and is making a good recovery.  After 3 weeks he was discharged from hospital on Tuesday. Truly a miracle, we celebrate his continuing life!

During this time Linda has taken on a new role at The King’s Lodge as Personnel Director.  It’s a demanding responsibility involving the heart of the running of the Lodge.  Elisa has just returned from a challenging outreach in Romania, and Jonathan from outreach in Sicily.   Each had quite a diverse time with Elisa spending much time in the poverty of the gypsy communities and Jonathan in a youth camp.  

Elisa has written a blog about her time at

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Summer half-time

Half-way through the summer already!  Here’s what’s been happening so far:

Get Out Camp 23-27 July: Over 100 participants moved in for the 4-day preparation camp before launching into outreaches to the Philippines, Romania, Sicily, and the UK (Weymouth and Droitwich). Phil and I served behind the scenes by washing pots and sweeping floors while the participants got on with team building and meeting with God.  

Jonathan is in Sicily:  Message came from the team leader to say, “Having wonderful time.  God is really meeting with us and using us.  Etna has erupted and it was breathtaking and very safe.”  Now Jonathan can add “volcano eruption” to his list of summer activities!   Mount Etna volcanic eruption 

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Elisa is in Romania:  They have been part of festivals and visited gypsy camps and orphanages.  Her team mates are experiencing a lot of sickness which is slowing them down.

I am in the office:  I am still learning the needs and methods of our Personnel Department.  The new schools will be on us before we know it, and my office will make a way for the staff to be available to run them and this facility.   I am now registered with the UK Border Agency to issue visa entry clearance certificates - step 1 of the visa process - and I have to equate doing this to sitting down to do my taxes.  Scary!!! but after a while I’m getting used to it.  

Phil is in Brighton:  A week ago today Phil’s brother, David, suffered a heart attack.  Only yesterday he was brought out of the sedation, and today he took 6 steps!!  Around the world (including Romania and Sicily) prayers have been calling out for God’s healing power, and I think we have just experienced a true miracle.  Please pray for David and his wife, Rita, as the recovery continues.  Hopefully Phil will be able to return home in a few days.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Jonathan's Mission to Sicily

Family Reunion at TKL

YWAM England and Wales Staff Gathering met at The King's Lodge from the 1st-3rd of July.

We had just concluded a wonderful raining term the day before which meant many of those studying with us were able to join the gathering.  Relationship is what holds YWAM together, and vision for what God has ahead is what drives us; both were abundant during these days.  Hosting and feeding 300 people meant a lot of practical work, but it's fun when it's "family".

You'll remember that The King's Lodge has launched a building project which began with a new meeting room.  The interior work has yet to be done but we squeezed into our new room and worshipped together anyway.

Here is a face-paced video clip from YWAM England's media team of our weekend. Oh, and the weather was perfect!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Girl, Birthday Boy, and the Happy Couple

Our beautiful girl turned 16 on the 23rd of June.  She is becoming such a godly young woman.  She's blogging about life; most recent update is here.

Phil - lover of horses - wonderful father, husband and friend turned ...58 on the 25th of June.  What a gift to our family and to the nations.
... and our 19th wedding anniversary was celebrated today, 27th of June.
And dear Jonathan missed much of the celebrating by going to Liverpool for the weekend with a WildFire outreach team.  Great ministry, great friends, great fun ... and little sleep!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Elisa Leage, World Traveller

Elisa returned to England on the 20th of May.  She came back extremely worn out, but loving God and people and life as never before.  This outreach has been an amazing experience.

She has continued to blog about her experiences and feelings so we'll let her speak for herself:

Back to an Irregular Routine

OK, we've been back in England nearly 2 months. 

Phil jumped into co-leading the Bible Core Course (BCC) almost immediately while Jonathan and I worked to established home life and a schooling schedule.  The Bilingual BCC is training 21 students in how to inductively study different genres of scripture and the course is going wonderfully.  It is such a privilege to be a part of it.

Two weeks of Phil teaching in New Zealand left Jonathan and me to ourselves - lots of fun together - and then Phil's trips to be with his mum in Brighton scattered us again.  Elisa's return from outreach in Mexico brought us all together for a few weeks. 

Thursday lunchtime Phil and a colleague travelled to Hurlach, Germany, for a gathering of 25 European SBS leaders and staff.  He is hosting the sessions and leading them in prayer, content and fun in Bavaria. 

Elisa and Jonathan finished their school year on June 15th which will free us up for an amazing summer. 

In a week's time I will assume the role as Personnel Director at The King's Lodge.  Over the summer I hope to get a handle on the role so that when we begin home school again in Septermber I can balance the children's needs with overseeing the Department.  May need your prayers on that one!

And Now There Are Two

Just weeks after our return to England Jonathan was fitted with braces on his teeth.  Thank you, God, for this provision through the National Health Service.

Now our kids have one more thing in common.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An Unexpected Turn

 Phil’s mum was admitted into hospital on Friday after collapsing in her home.  We thank God that she was not alone and received medical care immediately.  Although tests have been done we still don’t quite understand what happened.  One result of which we are sure, though, is that she is worn out from the experience.  A good lot of rest and pampering is in the diary for these next weeks.

Phil travelled down on Sunday to be with her and help with all the practical bits.  All four of the siblings were together for a few days, making it a special time for family in the midst of the concern.  Phil’s older brother, David, had begun his first course of chemotherapy to treat bowel cancer early that same week.  Worse than not feeling well, his immunities have decreased and doctors forbad him visiting his mum in hospital.

Elisa returns to England tomorrow (!!!!) after her extra 6 weeks of adventure.  Phil will make the 170 mile journey before the commuters think of hitting the roads so we can all meet her at Birmingham International Airport tomorrow morning.  Later in the week he’ll zoom back down the road to Brighton to help with Mum’s home care. 

You may remember that Phil is scheduled to teach on a DTS in Tokyo next week.  He has cancelled the trip in order to be with his mum, and is working through the travel insurance coverage in hopes of reclaiming the cost of the ticket. 

We’d value your prayers for Chris (Mum), David, and all of us really as we approach this uncertain time.
The Leage family at YWAM's 50th Celebration, September 2010

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Phil in New Zealand

This weekend has been a much unexpected time of rest and refreshment.  I am teaching on one of our Bible schools here on the South Island of New Zealand for these two weeks and the staff and students left on Friday for three days for a field trip.  I stayed behind enjoying the quiet of a rather remote farm house. 

I was still able to enjoy the royal wedding though, which began at 10pm!

In these two weeks we are exploring Deuteronomy, Kings, Micah and Ezra so we are covering a lot of ground.  The students are engaged and enthusiastic and for me this stuff never grows old.  As we went through Deuteronomy, this book where Moses and the second generation of Israel renew the covenant, I am struck again by the magnificent wisdom of God and how much this book has to teach us about nationhood, leadership and society.  

I return home Sunday to our own Bible school there at The King’s Lodge diving straight in teaching the beautiful (and much needed) book of The Song of Solomon, along with introducing the prophets of the Old Testament.  No time for dust to collect under my feet!

Thanks so much for keeping me and my family in your prayers.