Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Elisa on

Waddell Media has kindly provided us with a copy of Elisa's TV slot aired on October 31.  Now it can be viewed by those outside the UK.

As you watch it, please pray for teenagers in Britian!


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hmmm ... That's a good question

The question is something like, "And what is it exactly that you're going to do??"

Does it ever work for you that the reason you did something turns out to be an opportunity for something that seems quite different?

We expected that our time in Kona, starting the Biblical Teaching and Preaching School, was to establishing this training course there for the long-term.  The campus leaders felt it filled a special niche of training which wasn't yet available - and they were right!  The reality we found is that very few people from the Western World were interested.  Dramatic interest has come from the Indian sub-continent and West Africa, who unfortunately find it very difficult to obtain visas and pay the travel and tuition (please see post dated 21 October).

Decisions had to be made!  The BTPS in Kona has been put on hold.  That decision then forced more decisions to be made ...

Phil's anointing is to make the Bible story accessible to people.  Teaching (like this current 4-week solid teaching stint) and showing others how to do the same is where we have been investing.  But for years he has also been making our Bible Study materials available beyond the residential SBS.

I remember painting the nursery, awaiting Elisa's arrival, when Phil had his first strategy meeting for the Distance Learning SBS. In the past 15 years the materials he and his team developed have trained people around the world.  Now that we are in a digital age, the material has to move from paper to being available on-line.   Progress has been made, but lots of books are still not available.

Now for the problem: TIME and RESOURCES.

We believe that it is right to stick with our original plan to travel to Kona next month.  Concerning the need for TIME,  Phil will come under the Training Department there and exclusively develop on-line learning materials and support others who want to also develop courses on-line.  The resources needed are on the technical side, and the Kona campus has incredibly strong resources in audio/visual (RESOURCES!)  

The tickets are booked.  We leave the UK on 6 December 2010, and return 6 April 2011.