Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is a proving to be significant week for the Leage family.

Phil flies this Saturday (2nd) to Egypt to teach Philemon, Galatians and Ephesians in their SBS.  This school to Arabic speakers has moved from pioneering to established stage, and it has been our privilege to walk this path with them.  This is the first of Phil's four teaching trips scheduled before the year ends.

Linda was invited into The King's Lodge DTS classroom on Monday (27th) to launch their school with teaching on YWAM history and Foundational Values.  Being in the classroom and imparting to the students was great, but I equally enjoyed spending time refreshing myself on the roots of YWAM and how God both has and is leading us as a mission.  Phil proved to be a worthy substitute teacher for the childen that day.

Elisa put her name forward for a television interview of a Christian teenager, and Thursday (30th) we travel to London for her to be filmed.  It is a 2 minute program presenting different individual's viewpoints; this particular series is asking teenagers of different faiths about their views of sex before marriage.  We'd love your prayers for the filming itself, for the show to challenge current thinking, and for courage and protection over Elisa as she speaks about something which can be so volatile.

Jonathan is rolling with the punches of all these events and working at establishing  good study habits.  Paintballing began his week ((25th), a long-time ambition and great activity with 13-year-old mates.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Family Reunions

We have just returned from 3 days of celebrating that Youth With A Mission has turned 50 years old.  What a wonderful landmark, and already what a wonderful legacy.

A gathering of 600 Western Europe YWAMers descended on Highfield Oval in Harpenden.  Some brave souls slept in tents these last few days before Autumn officially set in as we were absolutely packed.  Our family happily snuggled into our sleeping bags in a four-bedded room, but all the fun was out with the YWAMers to share in stories, laughter, cry and eat together. 

Loren and Darlene Cunningham led us in not taking ourselves too seriously but standing in awe at what God has and will do through this mission.  The emphasis was the same as it always is:  hear the word of the Lord and be obedient.  We are led by two people who have lived their lives with this as their guide.

Phil's mother was able to attend the entire event.  She has prayed since the 70's for YWAM (including 3 children in the mission) and it was a great privilege for Phil to introduce her to Darlene.  Dave and Rita and Judy also were part of the 3 days, making it a wonderful family reunion.

Spot the Difference


We are so grateful for the National Health Service (NHS) in this country which provides orthodontic care for a number of children.  We were praying hard during the initial appointment as he measured Elisa's teeth down to the millimeter, and she qualified - just barely!

These first days have been sore and we are learning what foods to avoid and to focus in on.  Only a top brace has been fitted, and the bottom brace will be added in the spring when we return from the 2011 BTPS in Kona.

Thank you, God, for your provision!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

50 Years to Celebrate

YWAM is 50 years old this year!! 

Celebrations locally will take place next week in Harpenden, England, just 75 miles down the road from us.  Loren and Darlene Cunningham, both our founders and such amazing leaders, will join for a Western European 3-day party to rejoice in all God has done.

Really cool stories and photos of events which have already taken place around the world can be seen on

Charisma magazine's September 2010 cover-story article joins in celebrating the 50 years of YWAM's ministry.  You can read the whole article on-line.  Click on  and enjoy!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Leage Academy for Extremely Bright Children reopens doors today!

Well, we won't always use that name but we think it fits.

Thankfully, we have secured some help to get our new school year off the ground beginning today.  Our on-line school is called The Oaks Virtual Academy and, as local Headmistress, I am very pleased with both the curriculum and the school leadership based in South Carolina.  We have already visited the virtual office of their mentor who will be tracking with them throughout the year.  On-line leadership seminars (actually called webinars since they gather via the web) are a real plus of this school.

Learning at home through an on-line school seems a very good fit for us right now.  The courses are rigorous but we have one-on-one support from both their subject teachers and their mummy.  It also allows the portability which is required by the calling God has put on our family at this time.

You can find out more through looking at    The accredited curriculum is provided by

Monday, September 06, 2010

3 more students today

Paula has spent the last 20 years working as a YWAMer in Japan and Scotland, and is now settled in Blackpool.  She's a homeschooling mum of two gorgeous boys, and she wants to keep reaching out to people around the world.  Paula's SBS experience and natural skills make her the perfect fit for the e-SBS.

Paula's job is to relate to all these students and adminstrates the courses for them, providing support, feedback and structure.  Reformatting the SBS into an on-line course has made this Bible study accessible to anyone around the world.  

Paula filling this role enables Phil to continue developing the curriculum (such as the Deuteronomy teachings he has developed this week) and to explore new ways of encouraging Bible literacy.  She is a part of Phil's virtual staff!

Want to find out more about this course?  The cost is modest and the benefits are profound!  Look at

Today's email from Paula reads, "3 more students today!"

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Insights into the heart of a BTPS student

Why would someone want to pay money to learn how to preach?  Don't people just "have it" or they don't?  Is it simply down to charisma and confidence?  Or is it down to the anointing of the Holy Spirit for the message to make sense?

Through school, work, and church experiences, we all know that not everyone is an effective communicator!  Some, however, really knock our socks off and get a point across that we'll never forget.  Understanding comes and it's as if a whole new world has opened up for us.  THAT'S the kind of communication we all crave!

The Biblical Teaching and Preaching School is designed to nurture and develop the calling that many feel to teach and preach God's Truth into our current world which seems determined to look any direction for help but to Jesus.  Yet, once a life is yielded to Him we all need to be shown and taught how to live and grow.  The BTPS shows people know where to begin!

Students for the January 2011 BTPS in Kona are calling out to grow.  In their applications they are asking to develop in skill and experience and confidence.  Phil will certainly give them all this and more than they expected!

Anticipation toward investing into lives from Cameroon, Nigeria, the Philippines, India, China, Kosovo, Germany (and more) is growing.  We pray that God does something fantastic in each life, releasing them into the nations to proclaim his life and goodness.