Saturday, August 07, 2010

Back in the UK

It’s good to be home!

After a fortnight of catching up with friends in Colorado and then being whirlwind tourists in Los Angeles, we have finally landed (and feel awake at the right times) in the UK. It has been a fantastic transition of catching up with family and friends, and we are always overwhelmed by their kindness.

There is a lot to be said about not living out of a suitcase, having my own kitchen (albeit very small) with my own things in it, and all those familiar things and people around us. The unpacking process felt like a form of torture, and we have committed to being lighter travellers from now on!

A week in Brighton with Phil’s mum and sister and the Holland Road Baptist Church is nearly over and then it is back to Nuneaton for a good stretch (that is, all of us but Elisa who leaves mid-week for 5 days of camping at Soul Survivor down in Somerset). She and Jonathan will be reunited next week with their best-est friends in the world whom they have known nearly all their lives. We look forward to sweet reunions.

So the car has had its roadworthy checks (MOT), taxed and insured, the TV license is in place, the cupboards are about to be filled, and soon life could feel like normal (whatever that is!!).

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