Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reflections from the Travellers

After nearly ten months of travel we are headed back England. We look back in awe at all we have been able to accomplish and the amazing experiences we have had along the way.

We left The King’s Lodge in September ’09 with the task of establishing The Biblical Teaching and Preaching School (BTPS) on the YWAM Kona Campus. At the end of June ’10 Phil completed the first BTPS in Kona, and significant interest has been generated for the next school in January. We were welcomed into the Biblical Studies team there where we could both learn and give.

I was asked to join the Staff Services team (“Personnel” or “Human Resources”) when I arrived, but within the month led the department with a staff of only one (me!) It was a difficult and challenging time, but with time (and another team member joining me!) I came to really enjoy this role. The structure of the campus required every staff person to related to me at least once each quarter which allowed me to know everyone working on campus – all 400-ish of them.

Elisa and Jonathan have grown so much in this time – now 15 and 13. They have only known their life in England, and this was their first time to live in the US; the separation from friends and familiarity was painful. Now they have left close friends behind in Hawaii. Elisa aced her first year of on-line schooling, and Jonathan said his co-op home school experience was a highlight of being in Hawaii – WOW!

So many things have been different that we expected them to be. Our main surprise was that another school leader is not in place (as anticipated) for the next BTPS, so we have agreed for Phil to lead the next one in Kona in January 2011.

We are so excited to reconnect with friends and family when we return to England. Experience tells us that re-entry into even a familiar place can be bumpy.
Our greatest reflection must focus on God’s amazing love and leading and provision during this time. This whole year has been lived very close to the edge, and that is where we have found Him to be the closest.

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