Saturday, July 10, 2010

On the move again

The BTPS has ended, Linda cleared her desk, the children waved goodbye to the beach, and in just a few days we packed up, cleaned up, and said farewell to Hawaii on July 6th.  We stopped at a campus-wide barbeque on route to the airport (pretending it was in our honour!) and had one last opportunity to see the new friends we have made in the past 9 months.

We're enjoying the solitude of the Colorado prairie.  Elisa's photos are capturing the beauty of the plains; it will be a huge contrast as we head to the mountains tomorrow with my parents and my brother and his family.

Two weeks in Colorado, then a few days in Los Angeles before returning to England.  The girls arrive on the 25th; the boys on the 27th.  Such is the way when travelling via air miles.  What a provision!

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