Thursday, May 20, 2010

Japan update

Phil arrived safely to Japan on Sunday afternoon, in time for a good night's sleep before class. He is teaching a small but eager DTS in Tokyo about keys for Bible Study. Gaining confidence to approach God's word and be able to understand it is important to all believers, and especially where the church is so small.

He move on to Ch*na to visit his students and do more teaching on Sunday, the 23rd.

Please pray for him to have strength and energy as he travels and teaches. The teaching takes so much focus and effort, and the travel takes its toll.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

May Update

Greetings from Hawaii!

The Leage family is doing very well.

Elisa continues to enjoy home schooling, friends hula dance and photography; Jonathan is now regularly playing football (soccer) and enjoying being on a winning team (two wins and one draw so far).

Linda continues to lead the Staff Services office with some good help now which is making all the difference.

My BTPS students are on the second field assignment /outreach phase of the school, and the reports so far are very good.

These past weeks since they have gone have been quite busy for me. I taught the book of Micah in one of the SBS schools here last week, and the Gospel of Luke this week in the new SBS.

Tomorrow (15th) I leave for Japan to teach in the Tokyo DTS at a base run by a good friend of mine, John Somers-Harris. It will be a blessing to meet up with him and his wife, Rhonda, again. Then I go over to Ch*na for a week to visit my students there and take whatever chances of ministry I can get!

We are making plans now for our return to England, and due to the mysteries of using air miles we will be returning on different dates -- but the destination is the same! L and E arrive the 25th, and P and J the 27th July. The trip home is via Colorado arriving there on the 7th July.

Thanks so much for your prayers and continued love and support.

Please pray for us!