Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tsunami Update

Leage Family Update Saturday,
27 February 2010

After lunch today the tsunami “all clear” was given. We were awakened this morning at 6am with the deafening sound of the tsunami siren. As it was not 12 noon on the first Monday of the month, we knew something was up!

The procedure for natural disasters is well laid out in these Islands which have seen some devastating tsunamis over the past 75+ years with sad loss of life. The YWAM campus has its own crisis response team and it was good to see how smoothly the system and people moved into action. It is a wonderful thing that the expected 6 foot surge of the sea did not happen. I understand there was a 3 foot surge at Hilo on the east of the Big Island of Hawaii, and I expect it was less on this west side where Kona is located.

Part of the founding story of YWAM includes a vision of waves crashing onto the continents – waves of young people impacting the nations with the good news. Let us share some of our stories of impact from the Kona YWAM campus.

We are in an exciting phase of the Biblical Teaching and Preaching School. The students have partnered for a month with local churches in the Islands. This is to give them the opportunity to work out what they have learned through our school so far, before retuning back to the classroom where we have a shift from preaching to teaching.

Chris, working with a Korean church in Honolulu has been adopted for the four weeks as their ‘Youth Pastor’. He is taking the initiative to reach out to the youth in some very creative ways and preaching quite regularly. Luke is so thrilled with his time in a church a few miles south of us that he would love to relocate here and continue to serve them after the course. A couple of the students do not seem to have done much so far, it seems that the pastors are eager to build relationship first.

Linda continues to be very busy in the staff services office and both of us have been invited to serve on the new emerging leadership structure. Even though our remaining time is only a few month, the senior leaders here are keen for us to contribute.

Elisa is very much looking forward to March as some friends are coming to visit (actually we are all very excited about that), and Jonathan continues to enjoy the friendships he is making and his school not quite so much!

We are beginning to think about this coming year and the plans we need to make. I am working with my students on their 8-week outreach; we think one team will go to Mexico and the other to China. I have been invited to teach on a DTS in Japan (Elisa wants to come!) and I would love to serve a SBS in China for a couple of weeks in June. We are also looking at how this training can become a permanent part of the Campus here.

We are finding the financial side of living in this beautiful place quite a challenge, but rejoice in the continuing provision of the Lord. Along with daily living, we are also counting up the airfares for the trip to China and our return flights. We need a tsunami of money to wave in!

Thank you so much for the continued interest and prayers for us, and taking the time to read this.