Saturday, January 30, 2010

School Update from Phil Leage

Finally the first Biblical Teaching and Preaching School here in Kona, Hawaii, has begun. We are three weeks into the school and have six students. They are from five nations (and five continents!): USA, UK, Ghana, Brazil and China. Sadly seven of our students were unable to come due to visa reasons, but we are excited to have those that are here. With the limited staff that I have (mainly me with some support help!) this is actually a great number.

We have begun with the very able teaching of Tim Hayes who pastors an Anglican Church just outside of Manchester, England. He has a special passion for reaching the unchurched which came out in the teaching and training the first two weeks. The students have also begun their preaching and it is exciting to see the potential they have.

A serious consideration of the vital importance of character and lifestyle for the teacher/preacher was well received, recognising that, in the end, who we are as people is more important than what we might have to say. These last two days we have explored how to lead significant and effective small groups. Next week the students will all be leading such groups on the campus here.

Next week we have the privilege of Andy and Catherine Kennedy imparting their expertise in the area of children’s and youth ministry. Our students will no doubt be involved in this area during their church placements, and they can put the skills they learn to immediate use.

I am working with local pastors for the student’s church placement phase in just two weeks, and arranging the overseas outreach that will be for two months beginning in May. China and Mexico are likely options.

Elisa has finished her first semester with her on-line school and she has done very well. We are so pleased the way Jonathan is settling into the Home School Coop here on Campus.

Thank you for your continued interest and support,



Sunday, January 10, 2010

BTPS Dream Comes True

We've begun!

Months of preparation here in Kona are behind us and the school has finally started. Thursday was Arrival Day and 4 students were here. We had two last-minute visa refusals from India and Ethopia, but both hope to re-interview and come. We are still awating the South African and Zimbabwan, but a Brazilian already on site is working through a late application to join the BTPS.

Our friend, Binu from India, was unable to obtain a visa into the US after 2 attempts. Had he come, Phil would have been mentoring him as a future school leader of the BTPS in India. The battle to see this school rebirthed has been huge. Please pray with us for the breakthroughs needed to train people to effectively communicate God's word.

The first week of lecture begins with a bang with Reverend Tim Hayes, a vicar flying in from Manchester -- provided planes are able to get out of Heathrow in all the snow!