Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christianity Today

Below is a link to an article in the Christian magazine Christianity Today.  I think you will enjoy it.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Contact Details:

Our new postal address is:
75-5851 Kuakini Hwy 300
Kailua Kona HI 96740

Phone:  +1 808 333 6189

Friday, December 10, 2010


After an interesting journey which included Japan, we landed in Kona on Tuesday afternoon as originally scheduled.  The four bags which should have accompanied us had an even more interesting  journey, via Atlanta, and they finally made it Thursday afternoon. 

We will move into the condo on Monday when our friends begin their 4 month furlough, but right now we are staying on campus and very close to the action.  The things we put in storage have been uncovered but nothing can really be put in its place as we will change locations very soon. 

Phil began teaching on the School of Biblical Studies this morning.  He will speak for four days on Kings and Chronicles, beginning with King Solomon today.  As soon as he finishes on Wednesday he will change from Phil the Teacher to Phil the Mechanic to get our car back on the road – friends were using it these last few months and it broke down on them.  He’s looking forward to the challenge of diagnosing the problem and getting his hands dirty.

We’ve managed avoid napping during the day, but 3:30am seems to be the set time for us to wake up these days.  Once we get back to sleep it becomes very deep and hard to get started for the day; hope it will be better next week.

Both kids are hard to find these days now that they have reconnected with friends.  We are keeping up with our school work and really looking forward to a Christmas break.  Phil and I have received such warm welcomes from those we knew before and I think the settling in process will be far quicker this time around – thank you, Lord!!

So if you are jealous of us sitting in sunny Hawaii I need to tell you that there is a heavy tropical rain pouring outside my window.  Welcome, Leage family, to a Hawaiian winter.

Monday, December 06, 2010

It was the perfect itinerery ...

The threat of morning fog motivated us to leave for the airport earlier than scheduled. But our 7:45 flight to Amsterdam was delayed ... and delayed ... for 2 hours 20 minutes. Oh dear – our connection to San Francisco had taken off by the time we were able to leave England.

Thick fog brought flights in and out of Amsterdam to a crawl and we got caught in the middle of it.

Once in Amsterdam we waited in a few lines, and then were very impressed with the Dutch efficiency which had already rearranged our tickets before we asked. She looked over her glasses at us to say, “We are sending you to Tokyo.” Not quite the day we had expected! And how interesting to spend Pearl Harbor Day in both Japan and ultimately Honolulu. As originally scheduled, we touch down in Kona Tuesday afternoon.

Our four months in Kona will be filled with developing and refining the one-line curriculum for the Field-based SBS and other YWAM on-line learning. The children and I will be doing school during the day and picking up with friends we made last year. We keep reminding ourselves that things will be different from our last visit, but we are looking forward to returning to this very special place.

Good bye, England and Europe, with all your frost and snow and freezing temperatures. We didn’t plan to leave in the height of a winter storm, but have to confess we’re looking forward to the sunshine again.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Elisa on

Waddell Media has kindly provided us with a copy of Elisa's TV slot aired on October 31.  Now it can be viewed by those outside the UK.

As you watch it, please pray for teenagers in Britian!


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hmmm ... That's a good question

The question is something like, "And what is it exactly that you're going to do??"

Does it ever work for you that the reason you did something turns out to be an opportunity for something that seems quite different?

We expected that our time in Kona, starting the Biblical Teaching and Preaching School, was to establishing this training course there for the long-term.  The campus leaders felt it filled a special niche of training which wasn't yet available - and they were right!  The reality we found is that very few people from the Western World were interested.  Dramatic interest has come from the Indian sub-continent and West Africa, who unfortunately find it very difficult to obtain visas and pay the travel and tuition (please see post dated 21 October).

Decisions had to be made!  The BTPS in Kona has been put on hold.  That decision then forced more decisions to be made ...

Phil's anointing is to make the Bible story accessible to people.  Teaching (like this current 4-week solid teaching stint) and showing others how to do the same is where we have been investing.  But for years he has also been making our Bible Study materials available beyond the residential SBS.

I remember painting the nursery, awaiting Elisa's arrival, when Phil had his first strategy meeting for the Distance Learning SBS. In the past 15 years the materials he and his team developed have trained people around the world.  Now that we are in a digital age, the material has to move from paper to being available on-line.   Progress has been made, but lots of books are still not available.

Now for the problem: TIME and RESOURCES.

We believe that it is right to stick with our original plan to travel to Kona next month.  Concerning the need for TIME,  Phil will come under the Training Department there and exclusively develop on-line learning materials and support others who want to also develop courses on-line.  The resources needed are on the technical side, and the Kona campus has incredibly strong resources in audio/visual (RESOURCES!)  

The tickets are booked.  We leave the UK on 6 December 2010, and return 6 April 2011.

Monday, October 25, 2010

How seeds can grow!

It was 17 years ago (1993) that I had a quiet Korean student in my School of Biblical Studies at The King’s Lodge.  Working in English was a challenge so Yang Hee audited the SBS the following year in order to review her work and pick up things that might have been lost due to language the first time round.

I remember my surprise about 10 years ago when I receive a simple email from Yang Hee, asking me to come to teach on the SBS which she was leading in Korea.  I arrived to find a school of about 45 students (including a number of pastors), eagerly studying the Bible and my ‘quiet’ student from The King’s Lodge showing exceptional confidence and leadership ability.  She now leads a team of nine working at the SBS centre in Korea who minister around the nation and are writing Bible study materials for the Korean church.

When I arrived yesterday in Korea, I was picked up from the airport by another King’s Lodge graduate from 2000/01.  Ji Wung was not only my student but also worked for three years on our TKL SBS staff.

Over a rather nice meal on the way back from the airport, I asked Ji Wung, now the SBS leader in Korea, the story of how this training has developed there over these past 10 years.·          
  • There has been an annual nine-month SBS, training between 40-60 students each year.       
  • For this current school they had to turn away about 30 people, so they are now preparing to run two schools each year. 
  •  They have developed and support two SBSs in Seoul for Business people, running concurrently each year.  So far, between 600-700 people have been trained through this program. 
  • They have developed and support a SBS especially for Pastors (similar to the one for business people). 
  • They run a Pastors’ Bible seminar three times a year, reaching about 200 pastors at a time. 
  • They have been instrumental in introducing a week of ‘How to Study the Bible in a Dynamic and Effective Way” into every DTS in Korea. 
  • They have trained leaders and staff, and support two SBS school in China and Mongolia.  Southern Thailand is next on the agenda. 
  • Ji Wung is now a sought-after speaker throughout Korea, and often ministers in Thailand, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Japan, Kyrgizstan and soon to the Korean community in Seattle, Washington.
We don’t often get to see the results that unfold after our students leave The King’s Lodge.  Clearly they are gifted, committed and anointed people and it is our privilege to be a part of their growth.  It is a huge encouragement for us to get a glimpse of some of this fruit 17 years on.  As partners who have prayed and given and shared your lives with us, please join us in celebrating!

I begin teaching the wonderful book of Romans tomorrow (Monday), to a class with 58 students and a staff of 22.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

On the road again

Phil leaves Friday (22nd) to teach Romans in Korea.  After day at home to repack, he travels to Los Angeles on the 31st to teach on Psalms and Proverbs for a week. 

Upon return, our own SBS gets to sit under Phil’s teaching for 1 and 2 Corinthians.  The next week he takes Elisa with him for 4 days in Wiler, Switzerland, where he will again teach Romans.

Watch Elisa on Channel 4!

Elisa's film will be included in next week's broadcast of  Her 90-second interview will be broadcast on Sunday 31st October at 6.55pm on Channel 4.  It will also be available to view on after the initial broadcast.

Please pray that this piece is thought-provoking for young people as they consider their own stance on sex before marriage.  Also please pray a covering over her as she has made such a bold stand for purity.

Sharpening the focus

Isn’t it interesting how you can think you are moving in a certain direction for a certain reason, and then realise the direction is right but the reason is different to what you expected!

Our priorities in these past few years have been pioneering on-line (field-based) learning within YWAM and the development of the Biblical Teaching and Preaching School (BTPS).  Both of these took giant leaps forward during our year in Kona, Hawaii. 

Plan A was to lead another BTPS in Kona January 2011.  Establishing this course at this strategic site was the avenue which opened so we could develop Bible teachers.  Sadly, as we faced last year, the majority of applicants can neither obtain visas nor afford the travel and tuition. 

Experience is telling us that teams of missionaries in the flow of ministry are desperate to grow in the Bible while they remain “on the field”.  Wisdom gained also highlights that those who feel the need and passion to learn to teach and preach are not living in the Western World but are in India and West Africa.  These clear truths are rearranging our path.

So Plan A has been set aside and our eyes have turned to the Indian sub-continent as the better location to see the BTPS re-established.  Future leaders have already identified themselves and this is a key to stability.  Lots to pray about now and soon there will be more stories to tell.

Plan B has emerged as a greater strategic priority rather than being second-best since the other fell through. 

On-line learning is sweeping the world.  Our own children being educated through it! Our mission wants to grow in it but as of today there is only one on-line course in YWAM – the Field-Based SBS which Phil has designed.  Now for the problem:  the Old Testament is not complete and revisions are in mind for the New Testament (instructional material – not the Bible text!).  Both time and technical support are needed.

Plan B is to continue to make our scheduled trip to Kona for 4 months, connecting with highly-skilled techies on site and being in a position to focus simply on the task of developing on-line learning.  Breaking this ground as a YWAM pioneer in on-line learning will pave the way for multiple courses to become available to so many more.   

So this return trip to the Pacific will have quite a different flavour than we expected, but we are very excited and expectant at the opportunities we have to initiate a whole new, more accessible training model for our mission.  The price for going is £3,000 in airfares ($4,800USD) and about £3,500 ($5,000USD) in rent.  We're keeping our eyes on the outcome!  Please let us know if you want to be a partner in this development venture.

Just this evening one of our Health Care students who works long-term in Mozambique asked for details about how her entire team can enrol in the FB–SBS!

It’s why we do what we do!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

School of Biblical Studies Pod Casts

The School of Biblical Studies International has created a site to house a series of mp3 teachings by various SBS teachers on the books of the Bible and other Biblical subjects.  These are available for free download. 

Check out  If you scroll down the list, you will find a series of teachings on Luke which I have recorded, and Obadiah and Jeremiah are in the making.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

In the land of the Pharaohs

It has been just about a week since I arrived in Egypt and begun introducing the students here the School of Biblical Studies.  At this time of year a few dozen such schools around the world, in a variety of languages are beginning in much the same way.  The students are taught how to approach the Bible in a simple but effective way that will open up the truth that is there, and also the method we use in our schools that helps them to study in a really practical way.  I never get tired of the comments that come from our students, even after just one week of such study.  They are often amazed and thrilled at what they are discovering for themselves, “the Bible can make sense and is so applicable” is the kind of excited comment I hear.  

At this school we have over a dozen students from six nations, two of them being in the Middle East and it is a joy to see this school continue to flourish and grow.  We do have some interesting moments as everything is translated onto Arabic, and when the Arabic Bible says something quite different, but I am so grateful for excellent translators.

I leave here on the 1.0am flight Wednesday morning!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is a proving to be significant week for the Leage family.

Phil flies this Saturday (2nd) to Egypt to teach Philemon, Galatians and Ephesians in their SBS.  This school to Arabic speakers has moved from pioneering to established stage, and it has been our privilege to walk this path with them.  This is the first of Phil's four teaching trips scheduled before the year ends.

Linda was invited into The King's Lodge DTS classroom on Monday (27th) to launch their school with teaching on YWAM history and Foundational Values.  Being in the classroom and imparting to the students was great, but I equally enjoyed spending time refreshing myself on the roots of YWAM and how God both has and is leading us as a mission.  Phil proved to be a worthy substitute teacher for the childen that day.

Elisa put her name forward for a television interview of a Christian teenager, and Thursday (30th) we travel to London for her to be filmed.  It is a 2 minute program presenting different individual's viewpoints; this particular series is asking teenagers of different faiths about their views of sex before marriage.  We'd love your prayers for the filming itself, for the show to challenge current thinking, and for courage and protection over Elisa as she speaks about something which can be so volatile.

Jonathan is rolling with the punches of all these events and working at establishing  good study habits.  Paintballing began his week ((25th), a long-time ambition and great activity with 13-year-old mates.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Family Reunions

We have just returned from 3 days of celebrating that Youth With A Mission has turned 50 years old.  What a wonderful landmark, and already what a wonderful legacy.

A gathering of 600 Western Europe YWAMers descended on Highfield Oval in Harpenden.  Some brave souls slept in tents these last few days before Autumn officially set in as we were absolutely packed.  Our family happily snuggled into our sleeping bags in a four-bedded room, but all the fun was out with the YWAMers to share in stories, laughter, cry and eat together. 

Loren and Darlene Cunningham led us in not taking ourselves too seriously but standing in awe at what God has and will do through this mission.  The emphasis was the same as it always is:  hear the word of the Lord and be obedient.  We are led by two people who have lived their lives with this as their guide.

Phil's mother was able to attend the entire event.  She has prayed since the 70's for YWAM (including 3 children in the mission) and it was a great privilege for Phil to introduce her to Darlene.  Dave and Rita and Judy also were part of the 3 days, making it a wonderful family reunion.

Spot the Difference


We are so grateful for the National Health Service (NHS) in this country which provides orthodontic care for a number of children.  We were praying hard during the initial appointment as he measured Elisa's teeth down to the millimeter, and she qualified - just barely!

These first days have been sore and we are learning what foods to avoid and to focus in on.  Only a top brace has been fitted, and the bottom brace will be added in the spring when we return from the 2011 BTPS in Kona.

Thank you, God, for your provision!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

50 Years to Celebrate

YWAM is 50 years old this year!! 

Celebrations locally will take place next week in Harpenden, England, just 75 miles down the road from us.  Loren and Darlene Cunningham, both our founders and such amazing leaders, will join for a Western European 3-day party to rejoice in all God has done.

Really cool stories and photos of events which have already taken place around the world can be seen on

Charisma magazine's September 2010 cover-story article joins in celebrating the 50 years of YWAM's ministry.  You can read the whole article on-line.  Click on  and enjoy!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Leage Academy for Extremely Bright Children reopens doors today!

Well, we won't always use that name but we think it fits.

Thankfully, we have secured some help to get our new school year off the ground beginning today.  Our on-line school is called The Oaks Virtual Academy and, as local Headmistress, I am very pleased with both the curriculum and the school leadership based in South Carolina.  We have already visited the virtual office of their mentor who will be tracking with them throughout the year.  On-line leadership seminars (actually called webinars since they gather via the web) are a real plus of this school.

Learning at home through an on-line school seems a very good fit for us right now.  The courses are rigorous but we have one-on-one support from both their subject teachers and their mummy.  It also allows the portability which is required by the calling God has put on our family at this time.

You can find out more through looking at    The accredited curriculum is provided by

Monday, September 06, 2010

3 more students today

Paula has spent the last 20 years working as a YWAMer in Japan and Scotland, and is now settled in Blackpool.  She's a homeschooling mum of two gorgeous boys, and she wants to keep reaching out to people around the world.  Paula's SBS experience and natural skills make her the perfect fit for the e-SBS.

Paula's job is to relate to all these students and adminstrates the courses for them, providing support, feedback and structure.  Reformatting the SBS into an on-line course has made this Bible study accessible to anyone around the world.  

Paula filling this role enables Phil to continue developing the curriculum (such as the Deuteronomy teachings he has developed this week) and to explore new ways of encouraging Bible literacy.  She is a part of Phil's virtual staff!

Want to find out more about this course?  The cost is modest and the benefits are profound!  Look at

Today's email from Paula reads, "3 more students today!"

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Insights into the heart of a BTPS student

Why would someone want to pay money to learn how to preach?  Don't people just "have it" or they don't?  Is it simply down to charisma and confidence?  Or is it down to the anointing of the Holy Spirit for the message to make sense?

Through school, work, and church experiences, we all know that not everyone is an effective communicator!  Some, however, really knock our socks off and get a point across that we'll never forget.  Understanding comes and it's as if a whole new world has opened up for us.  THAT'S the kind of communication we all crave!

The Biblical Teaching and Preaching School is designed to nurture and develop the calling that many feel to teach and preach God's Truth into our current world which seems determined to look any direction for help but to Jesus.  Yet, once a life is yielded to Him we all need to be shown and taught how to live and grow.  The BTPS shows people know where to begin!

Students for the January 2011 BTPS in Kona are calling out to grow.  In their applications they are asking to develop in skill and experience and confidence.  Phil will certainly give them all this and more than they expected!

Anticipation toward investing into lives from Cameroon, Nigeria, the Philippines, India, China, Kosovo, Germany (and more) is growing.  We pray that God does something fantastic in each life, releasing them into the nations to proclaim his life and goodness.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Why We Do What We Do

We are a family who loves VeggieTales and we still enjoy watching them together and belting out the silly songs.  This last year I read the fantastic autobiography by creator Phil Vischer called "Me, Myself and Bob", and it was compelling reading - highly recommended.  His new material called "What's in the Bible" is excellent!!

Anyway, VeggieTales begins a number of DVDs with a small clip showing their own children, and then the banner comes across the screen to say "why we do what we do".  It's a quick visual to show that this young generation is the reason for their ministry.

What do WE do?  What brings us alive is to make the Bible both knowable and known.  Creating paths for understanding what God both was and is communicating through scripture is where our strengths lie.  Empowering believers to communicate what they have found in the Word is a joy.  Using a variety of expressions, it's all about knowning God and his character and his ways through the Bible, and then passing that on to others.

WHY do we do what we do?  Turn on the TV.  Look out the window.  Maybe just look at your own heart.  Life has its challenges for all of us and we have not been created to do this alone.

Hawaii video part 1

Below is a video Elisa put together about our time in Hawaii.  I think you will enjoy it.  Due to the length, it is in two parts.

Hawaii video part 2

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Back in the UK

It’s good to be home!

After a fortnight of catching up with friends in Colorado and then being whirlwind tourists in Los Angeles, we have finally landed (and feel awake at the right times) in the UK. It has been a fantastic transition of catching up with family and friends, and we are always overwhelmed by their kindness.

There is a lot to be said about not living out of a suitcase, having my own kitchen (albeit very small) with my own things in it, and all those familiar things and people around us. The unpacking process felt like a form of torture, and we have committed to being lighter travellers from now on!

A week in Brighton with Phil’s mum and sister and the Holland Road Baptist Church is nearly over and then it is back to Nuneaton for a good stretch (that is, all of us but Elisa who leaves mid-week for 5 days of camping at Soul Survivor down in Somerset). She and Jonathan will be reunited next week with their best-est friends in the world whom they have known nearly all their lives. We look forward to sweet reunions.

So the car has had its roadworthy checks (MOT), taxed and insured, the TV license is in place, the cupboards are about to be filled, and soon life could feel like normal (whatever that is!!).

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

L. A. Mega-Church

Yesterday, Sunday, I went to the founding church of the Four Square Denomination. Jon, the friend I have reconnected with after 27 years is the International Director of Missions for this denomination. It has been thrilling to hear what God is doing through this ministry. In 2009 they saw over 2.6 million people come to Christ and 6,530 churches planted world wide. The church here in LA is reaching out with over 200 different ministries into this needy city. This has been an inspiring time as well as fun to visit well known sites.

Below is a clip of the worship service. You can guess the audience they are seeking to reach!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reflections from the Travellers

After nearly ten months of travel we are headed back England. We look back in awe at all we have been able to accomplish and the amazing experiences we have had along the way.

We left The King’s Lodge in September ’09 with the task of establishing The Biblical Teaching and Preaching School (BTPS) on the YWAM Kona Campus. At the end of June ’10 Phil completed the first BTPS in Kona, and significant interest has been generated for the next school in January. We were welcomed into the Biblical Studies team there where we could both learn and give.

I was asked to join the Staff Services team (“Personnel” or “Human Resources”) when I arrived, but within the month led the department with a staff of only one (me!) It was a difficult and challenging time, but with time (and another team member joining me!) I came to really enjoy this role. The structure of the campus required every staff person to related to me at least once each quarter which allowed me to know everyone working on campus – all 400-ish of them.

Elisa and Jonathan have grown so much in this time – now 15 and 13. They have only known their life in England, and this was their first time to live in the US; the separation from friends and familiarity was painful. Now they have left close friends behind in Hawaii. Elisa aced her first year of on-line schooling, and Jonathan said his co-op home school experience was a highlight of being in Hawaii – WOW!

So many things have been different that we expected them to be. Our main surprise was that another school leader is not in place (as anticipated) for the next BTPS, so we have agreed for Phil to lead the next one in Kona in January 2011.

We are so excited to reconnect with friends and family when we return to England. Experience tells us that re-entry into even a familiar place can be bumpy.
Our greatest reflection must focus on God’s amazing love and leading and provision during this time. This whole year has been lived very close to the edge, and that is where we have found Him to be the closest.