Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

It is the Thanksgiving holiday here in the USA, and I am glad to have a short break. I am sitting on our lani (balcony) overlooking a calm ocean thankful for the great faithfulness of God over these past months and for the love, prayers and financial support we have received from many of you over many years.

We have been here in Hi for about 8 weeks now and with each passing week are feeling more settled even though life for both Linda and me is quite busy. Sadly Linda’s colleague in the staff services office had to return home due to ill health which has left Linda to carry the responsibility on her own for this season. We trust help will be available in the New Year. As she get more familiar with the work so it becomes more enjoyable.

My time has been taken up with preparing for the upcoming school, teaching and continuing to oversee and develop the on-line SBS. Go to and check out the new site we have been working on. This ministry continues to grow and bless our students in various missions situations around the world.

When you are at the site look at the e-SBS, may be this is something you might be interested in?

We have just been able to get some transport, a 1998 Plymouth, with 198,000 miles on the clock! I think (and pray) it will serves for the next few months. It means we can get the children to their swimming club and dance practice, to the shops, and to church (not to mention the beach) etc, etc without being a burden to others. It has been difficult to not have transport in a place like this.

I have nine students accepted for the new school, with six in process. They are Amankwa from South Africa, Sandra from Zimbabwe, Asther, Blessing (yes, his Christian name) from India, Luke from the UK, Issac from India, Chris from the USA, Paul also from India and Girum from Ethiopia. All is set for most of these to come apart from a couple need some more finance, but the bigger challenge is the visa for some. It will be interesting to see what will happen. Do mention them in prayer as you may remember, I would really appreciate that.

Must go, have a large Thanksgiving dinner to eat!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The King's Lodge Building Update

Before coming to Hawaii I was very involved in The King’s Lodge Building Project. Below is a letter with an update on how it is going. We are thrilled that we are making progress and able to start.

Dear Friends of The King’s Lodge

As explained in our letter July 2009, you will be aware of our plans to extend and refurbish The King’s Lodge property. Over the last 3 months, we have been amazed at God’s faithfulness and provision through people interested in partnering in the work of The King’s Lodge. Since July, we have seen a total raised of £61,787.82.

For every £10,000 that we’ve seen provided, our matched-funding donor has doubled it, which has made this adventure all the more exciting and the reality of this project within reach. This donor is still willing to match funds up to another £40,000 – making this a total of £80,000.
We have now confirmed our contractors and have a start date of January 2010. Our contractor is a local Christian firm called MayWay. They themselves are a provision from God and are willing to begin this project whilst still standing in faith with us for the remaining finance. Right now, they are working with their architects on the detailed building plans which will then be sub mitted to the local council.

This part of our building project will be completed in Three Phases:

Phase 1: begins in January for which we have all the finances needed to start.

Much of this phase includes the external work and foundations and some internal changes to our snack bar and downstairs toilets and the addition of the disabled toilet.

Phase 2: we would hope that this would immediately follow on from Phase 1 and requires a
further £130,000 – WHICH IS NEEDED BY 8 FEBRUARY 2010 (don’t forget £40,000 of this can still be matched funded – totalling £80,000 towards this phase). This is where we see the walls go up and roof goes on etc. Phase 3: consists of internal finishing such as electrics, flooring, plastering and painting – another faith project of at least £90,000 – BY 22 MARCH 2010.

As we look back over the last 10 years we have seen almost 100 nationalities of people come to serve and be trained and sent out to be a blessing and impact spheres of society. It’s amazing to think that from a smallish building in the midlands God is: "IMPACTING LIVES AND TRANSFORMING NATIONS".

It is with this in mind, that our desire is to expand and increase the ministry God has blessed us with. Thank you for your prayers, support and giving towards this project. Please continue to stand with us at this vital time. We will keep you updated of the progress over the next months.

Should you still wish to donate and not sure how to see below:
Gifts can be made in the following ways:
• Cheques. These should be made out to Youth With A Mission and sent to:
The Kings Lodge, Watling Street, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 0TZ,
• Paypal on our web site. For gifts given via Paypal, please make a note that it
is for the building fund.
• Gifts can be made by debit or credit card over the phone. Please contact us
if you wish to give using this method.

For UK tax payers, as you will be aware if the gifts are given via gift aid we will receive the tax you pay back on this amount. Please ask us for details.

• Favour with local council for detailed architectural planning approval
• For the continued finances necessary for this project
• For wisdom for our TKL building site manager
• Good ongoing relationship with our contractors
• For God’s blessing for this construction company who se desire is to use their skills and expertise to further the kingdom of God here

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

October 30th.

It has been 5 weeks that we have been in Hawaii now and life is taking on its routine. Due to the unexpected illness of Linda’s office colleague she is carrying the main load of Staff Services, something that we did not anticipate but I know is a huge blessing to the centre here. To have someone who can do this role with Linda’s expertise and experience is truly a huge help. Having said that there is still much she as to learn about the systems here.

The children are making friends slowly. This has been quite difficult for Elisa, who is naturally very friendly, but it seems the paths of the girls her age have not crossed as expected. But the Hula dance class twice a seek and swimming club 4 days a week help with the physical fitness!
Jonathan is enjoying his school more now but needs more to engage his free time. Yes, he does have many friends, but they are not always around either.

We have explored the more known beaches in this area, so now the next important step is to search out the lesser known beaches. All a very important part of our commission here!

The applications for the BTPS are slowly coming in, but the challenge is still the visas and finance, so we continue to pray, trust and do all we can to see this thing happen. God has called us here for this time, so we continue in this confidence.
Linda and I work in the building to the far left

Return to South Korea

It has been a while since I was in South Korea and it has been such fun to be back here again. This time I was back teaching in the Island of Jeju, an Island south of mainland Korea, where a large YWAM training centre is located which has grown significantly since I was last there!
It was thrilling to meet both Yang Hee and Ji Wung, both graduates from The King’s Lodge SBS in the past, and both now holding responsible positions of leadership here.
Yang Hee leads the Biblical Studies department with a team working throughout Korea, and into China, Mongolia and other areas of Asia, and Ji Wung leading what is the largest SBS we have in the world at this time. He is also a greatly sought after teacher both in YWAM and the local church setting. I am so proud of them!
My time here was very full but wonderful. The hospitality is outstanding and the food quite unique. I enjoy Korean food very much! We explored the letters of 1 and 2 Corinthians. The eagerness of the students was so refreshing, and very humbling. I love teaching in this place.