Monday, October 12, 2009

A Re-MARK-able beginning

In just over two weeks we've had lots of new names to remember, new procedures to learn, the children's schooling to get established, and desks to set up.

Phil launched the new term of the Field-Based SBS just after we arrived and the on-going development of that keeps him hopping. The Biblical Teaching and Preaching School will begin here in Kona (our whole reason for coming!) in just 3 months from now, and the hard work to set up a school in a new location has begun. He attended a Local Pastors' fellowship meeting this past week to begin relationships with those who will help in mentoring his students.

The big focus this week is the Gospel of Mark, which Phil will teach on the SBS which has just begun here. To get the material new and up-dated, he's put a lot of thought and work into this book and will continue to work on it throughout the week. Please pray with us for revelation for the students (and Phil!).

Ironman Triathlon comes to Kona

We noticed a lot of joggers along the roadsides. "What a lot of healthy people!" we thought. Then we realized that the competitors had arrived and were in the last stages of training.

Saturday morning (yesterday) we were woken by the loudspeaker booming throughout the town, giving final instructions to those about to begin the race. At 6:45am the dove into the harbour for a 2.4 mile swim. Once back on shore they mounted bicycles for a 112 mile ride to the top of the island and back. The bikes were then parked so they could finish by running a marathon!

Not my idea of the best way to spend my Saturday, but over 1,700 competitors disagreed with me.

The fastest man did the race in 8 hours and 20 minutes; the fastest woman came in at 8 hours 54 minutes (and she was British).

After sundown we walked down to stand by the finish line to cheer on those arriving just under the 12 hour mark (the finish line "closed" at midnight). What an amazing accomplishment for these people.

None of these things happen without the behind-the-scenes people, and for years YWAMers and local churches have provided bus-loads of volunteers. We missed the sign-up opportunities, but over 300 YWAMers were part of making the event happen.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hi from HI!

We have been here in Hawaii just over two weeks now, and beginning to find our feet. Jonathan spent his first Saturday at the beach (along with the new SBS here and the rest of the family) and the second at one of his new friend’s pool-side birthday party. Linda and Elisa are in town right now checking it out. But this should not take too long because Kailua Kona is not a very large town.

A Hula Dance Welcome!

We have been made to feel very welcome but there is lots to get to know. Two of the people in the Staff Services office are leaving at the end of next week and Linda will then be promoted to Office Manager. Her reputation has proceeded her! I (Phil) have spent this first week finding out how things work here as a school leader and getting the new term of the internet-based Field Based SBS up and running. We have 12 students this term who are either beginning or continuing their studies.
It took just a few minutes in the sea with a boogie board for the kids to get hooked, but we did get a little too much sun too quickly (apart from a wise Linda) so I have a rather interesting looking peeling forehead!
It was wonderful to spend time with family, friends and churches in Colorado, but as is so often the case with these visits, there was just not quite enough time with each.

Please note our address change:
Phil and Linda Leage
The Royal Kailuan, 75-5863 Kuakini Hwy apt. # 338
Kailua Kona, HI 96740, USA

Phone number for family: +1 808 333 6189
Phil: +1 808 756 1210