Monday, July 13, 2009

Phil’s last teaching trip for a while.

This last in a long string of teaching trips was special as Elisa was able to join me. One of the blessings of home schooling! We went to the beautiful city of Budapest where I taught on the final week of our very first SBS in Hungary.

Having Elisa there did bring about a different dynamic to this trip. While I was teaching she was doing her lessons; when I had finished class, so had she. So the first question I got from her was, ‘ What are we going to do now’? I think I must have done more sight seeing on this trip than all of my other trips this year put together. We got to know the city very well as it has a very good bus, tram and subway system.

I taught the students wisdom literature – Job, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon – each one powerful but often neglected books. The message of each one is so desperately needed today.
I have now turned my attention to getting to grips with all the things I need to do to be ready to leave for Hawaii. Linda is finishing the children’s school year, and hoping to be very involved in preparing for a Wildfire camp here in a couple of week. We expect about 100 children, teenagers and families here that will be preparing for outreaches to South Africa, Italy and Spain.
Life never gets dull!