Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Playing Football in Spain

Jonathan is off this bank holiday weekend to play in a WildFire football match in Spain.

WildFire is our local youth ministry which gives input spiritually, socially, through service, and now through a lot of fun in the sun!

They are flying into Malaga, and staying at the YWAM base where Uncle David and Auntie Rita live and work ... too bad they won't be there! It is his first big trip like this without Mum or Dad, and we expect it will be a real confidence booster.

The wound on Jonathan's back is healing nicely, but it was quite a blow today when the nurse told him he shouldn't go in the water this weekend (risk of infection). On the beach, visiting a villa with a pool - not an easy bit of instruction for him.

He's Back!!

Phil returned to the UK and his family on Monday. Yipee!!

This 2-1/2 week trip seemed really long from the home perspective. From the Kingdom perspective, however, it was an amazing opportunity. Understanding Deuteronomy and I & II Kings can unlock the whole Old Testament, and I know Phil's teaching was key for this school.

He loved New Zealand - his first time there. The school leaders, Roger and Julie, trained at The King's Lodge many years ago, and being a part of their ongoing school development was also rewarding for him.

Of course Phil can speak better than I about the experience. I could joke that he is still asleep, but the day after his return he sat in all-day meetings, followed by teaching Nahum and Obadiah the next morning, before taking Elisa and some friends out to a long-planned event. What a guy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A trip to the George Eliot Hospital

Phil boarded the plane Saturday night for New Zealand and Elisa, at short notice, signed up for another week at Spring Harvest. Jonathan and I were going to have some special times together while the others were away, and I was looking forward to it. But he had a sore on his back ...

We stopped in at the Out-of-Hours clinic for some antibiotics, but after two days we ended up at Accident and Emergency. Jonathan was admitted into hospital because of an abscess on his back which needed to be dealt with surgically. So maybe the special thing we did was spend the night together in hospital on Monday night. The infected bit was lanced and cleaned, and the wound is expected to heal within 2 weeks.

We are so grateful for a good hospital in our area - they were really great. ...and thank God for His grace that was over the two of us, and His healing power.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Home Schooling

As part of the preparation to move to Kona, Hawaii, for this next year, we have begun to home school the children. This has been a huge step for them, and especially Linda who is learning to be a home school mum. We have a great curriculum but it takes some getting used to. We wanted to begin early so that we were not dealing with the huge change of location, living space and friends, as well as getting used to the home schooling challenge. Elisa is getting on very well, and for Jonathan, it is a little more of an adjustment. I think Linda is learning the most right now and is doing a wonderful job!

Changes for the Leages

There is a huge and challenging change coming to the Leage family this autumn. A number of years ago I (Phil) developed a training school for our Bible school graduates called the Biblical Teaching and Preaching School (BTPS). It has proved to be a very valuable program giving students a safe place to develop the skills needed to communicate the scriptures effectively in both the public preaching and classroom type teaching situations, and in a missions setting.

A couple of years ago I was invited to pioneer this school at one of our Hawaii training campuses. Linda and I did not believe the time was right for this until now! We are planning to spend from September this year to June next year at the Kona, Hawaii, University of the Nations Campus where I will be leading this school. Although the school is from January - June 2010, we have been asked to arrive a couple of months early to learn how the base operates and be settled in for the start. There is an experience leader that will be learning from me how to run the BTPS so that it can continue beyond this one school.

The challenges for us have included our children’s education (see below home schooling) and we will need a large increase of finances, with the change in pound/dollar exchange rates not helping!

Check out the location at:

Field Based School of Biblical Studies

We now enter the third module of the fbsbs, with our students doing very well. The quality of the work is very high, and these first students are setting an excellent standard. It is both encouraging and humbling to read the applications the students are writing; clearly the word is doing its work.
We now have our new home and logo and you can check it out on The modules with the small face icon are open to guests. Be my guest!
Niklas, who is church planting in India says: ‘The study in itself has been so good for
me here on the field, it has been so relevant and I have been doing much better this last 3 months than I was doing the year before. I believe some of it has to do with the depth I have got from the Word.’
We welcome Scott who has joined us as a third staff person. As we increase our staff and are able to prepare and upload the teaching material, we will be ready to accept more students.

The King’s Lodge continues

Life at The King’s Lodge continues with our ministries and training. We received two teams back from ministering in Latin America, and sent a team out to Thailand. The WildFire teams continue each month that involves us more, with the children being involved and the Linda helping to lead. We welcome new students for our April all age DTS this week, and students for the Bible Core Course next week. Our nine month SBS continues well with our students about to explore the Old Testament prophets, always on exciting part of the school.

Our Nephew Marries

At the beginning of March we traveled to Middlesbrough to celebrate the marriage of my nephew, Paul, to Gen. It was a rather unique event as they had entered a competition in a local newspaper and ended up winning a £10,000GBP wedding! The ceremony was truly wonderful, and the setting rather stunning. These times are very special for being able to spend time with family, which we enjoyed very much.

One step closer ...

The application for my British nationality is in, and the waiting game now begins. I have been told it could take up to 6 months for the processing to take place (impending changes in the law have prompted more than me to act!). Please pray with me for the application to be successful and that the process will be speedy.

Jonathan Turns Twelve

Jonathan had a double celebration for his birthday, first a birthday meal with the family and then a party with some friends. The party was a boy’s dream: LazerQuest, We are proud to see our son growing up so well.

Phil’s Travels

This period has been quite busy with travel for me, with some very fruitful teaching trips. I was able to visit our SBS in Egypt again, this time to teach in our very first Old Testament SBS. We had a wonderful time in the book of Deuteronomy, exploring how the law is so relevant for us today.

I also visited Switzerland to teach on the wisdom books of Ecclesiastes, Job and the Song of Solomon, or as I like to say depression, despair and sex! OK, so it is not quite like that, but there was sadness for the students as this was the last week of their nine month school. They were getting ready for outreach.

I also taught the Bible Core Course in Nashville Tennessee, this time not by traveling there, but by web cam and skype. Even though there were obvious limitations, it was a fun time. We explored wisdom literature and the Song of Solomon.

This past week we joined the King’s Kids team at Spring Harvest (a large Christian holiday event in the UK). We were part of the team running "Firestarters" for the 8-11 year-olds - all 400 of them! This was a true family adventure.

On Easter Saturday I head off to teach in Oxford (Oxford New Zealand that is) teaching on a YWAM Bible school there. This is fulfilling a long-standing invitation from the pioneers and leaders of this school, who trained some years back here at The King’s Lodge. It will be wonderful to be able to spend time with them and see the work they are doing.

Elisa Baptized

One of the greatest joys of this year was for me to baptize Elisa, as she made a public declaration of her faith in Jesus. We are proud of her that she took time to think through the seriousness of this step, and then decided that it was the right thing for her.

WildFire in the Spring

WildFire Local has been working in surrounding towns, doing community service and local evangelism while the 10 -18-year olds having been growing in faith and fellowship with other Christian friends. So far we’ve been in Coventry and Nuneaton in recent months. We just experienced our farthest trip yet - 300 miles to Edinburgh for the weekend!!
We partnered with City Life, a kids and youth church which runs a double-decker bus through the estate to collect young people each Sunday morning. The stories these kids have to tell are of a rough life with little hope, and this ministry has worked in this area for 12 years bringing truth and hope to them.

Our WildFire leader, Jono, the kids and I recently did a site visit in Cambridge to prepare for our 17-19th of April WildFire. We met with our host, Connie Taylor, we prayed together, and did a mini-tour of this historic city. We have some great ideas on things we can do, but need God’s power (and good weather!).