Thursday, January 01, 2009

FBSBS - Module 2

The Field Based School of Biblical Studies (FBSBS) continues into the second module, while four new students join us for Module One. After just a few months we have seen this course is a huge blessing to the students who are scattered around the world. Each module has to be developed before the students can launch into it, so it keeps me on my toes as I pioneer this program.

Our Church Life

One of the responsibilities I carry is as an elder of the church which our family attends. It is a wonderful church with a significant ministry into the local community.
We are in a place of change because our Pastor is leaving at the end of February. I will be very involved on the process of leading the church through the task of finding a new leader. Our hope and prayer is that, during this time of transition, the church will continue to be the body of Christ to each other and our locality, and we will know the will of the Lord for the future. Exciting times.

A 2009 Goal for Phil

I received a wonderful gift this Christmas on how to cook Indian curries. Becoming a skilled curry chef is one of my 2009 aspirations. Now we have to pick which night will be "curry night".

A 2009 Goal for Jonathan and Elisa

A year away from the UK will make a big difference in the education for our children. Home education is what these two are looking forward to in 2009.
Jonathan and I begin next week and, once we work out a routine, we will add Elisa to our home education program. By beginning now we will be well into our stride when we arrive in Hawaii in September. Pray for us! We all have lots to learn.

A 2009 Goal for Linda

Something really important to me this year is to gain UK citizenship. Although I have lived here more than 16 years and easily qualify, I have put off going through this process. The requirements are primarily taking a test, filing out lots of forms, and paying an incredible amount of money.
The test I have to take is to ensure I can speak English and understand how to live in this country. Want to have a go at some sample questions? Click on see how you would do. My application cannot be complete without the certificate which shows I passed this test.
A common question is if I will have to give up my American citizenship to do this and the answer is no; dual citizenship is possible for both the kids and me.
Immigration laws continue to tighten around the world, and it seems the conditions to meet will only become more difficult and cost become more expensive. We received an unexpected gift toward to costs of my application so now I have to begin studying in earnest.