Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

It is the Thanksgiving holiday here in the USA, and I am glad to have a short break. I am sitting on our lani (balcony) overlooking a calm ocean thankful for the great faithfulness of God over these past months and for the love, prayers and financial support we have received from many of you over many years.

We have been here in Hi for about 8 weeks now and with each passing week are feeling more settled even though life for both Linda and me is quite busy. Sadly Linda’s colleague in the staff services office had to return home due to ill health which has left Linda to carry the responsibility on her own for this season. We trust help will be available in the New Year. As she get more familiar with the work so it becomes more enjoyable.

My time has been taken up with preparing for the upcoming school, teaching and continuing to oversee and develop the on-line SBS. Go to and check out the new site we have been working on. This ministry continues to grow and bless our students in various missions situations around the world.

When you are at the site look at the e-SBS, may be this is something you might be interested in?

We have just been able to get some transport, a 1998 Plymouth, with 198,000 miles on the clock! I think (and pray) it will serves for the next few months. It means we can get the children to their swimming club and dance practice, to the shops, and to church (not to mention the beach) etc, etc without being a burden to others. It has been difficult to not have transport in a place like this.

I have nine students accepted for the new school, with six in process. They are Amankwa from South Africa, Sandra from Zimbabwe, Asther, Blessing (yes, his Christian name) from India, Luke from the UK, Issac from India, Chris from the USA, Paul also from India and Girum from Ethiopia. All is set for most of these to come apart from a couple need some more finance, but the bigger challenge is the visa for some. It will be interesting to see what will happen. Do mention them in prayer as you may remember, I would really appreciate that.

Must go, have a large Thanksgiving dinner to eat!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The King's Lodge Building Update

Before coming to Hawaii I was very involved in The King’s Lodge Building Project. Below is a letter with an update on how it is going. We are thrilled that we are making progress and able to start.

Dear Friends of The King’s Lodge

As explained in our letter July 2009, you will be aware of our plans to extend and refurbish The King’s Lodge property. Over the last 3 months, we have been amazed at God’s faithfulness and provision through people interested in partnering in the work of The King’s Lodge. Since July, we have seen a total raised of £61,787.82.

For every £10,000 that we’ve seen provided, our matched-funding donor has doubled it, which has made this adventure all the more exciting and the reality of this project within reach. This donor is still willing to match funds up to another £40,000 – making this a total of £80,000.
We have now confirmed our contractors and have a start date of January 2010. Our contractor is a local Christian firm called MayWay. They themselves are a provision from God and are willing to begin this project whilst still standing in faith with us for the remaining finance. Right now, they are working with their architects on the detailed building plans which will then be sub mitted to the local council.

This part of our building project will be completed in Three Phases:

Phase 1: begins in January for which we have all the finances needed to start.

Much of this phase includes the external work and foundations and some internal changes to our snack bar and downstairs toilets and the addition of the disabled toilet.

Phase 2: we would hope that this would immediately follow on from Phase 1 and requires a
further £130,000 – WHICH IS NEEDED BY 8 FEBRUARY 2010 (don’t forget £40,000 of this can still be matched funded – totalling £80,000 towards this phase). This is where we see the walls go up and roof goes on etc. Phase 3: consists of internal finishing such as electrics, flooring, plastering and painting – another faith project of at least £90,000 – BY 22 MARCH 2010.

As we look back over the last 10 years we have seen almost 100 nationalities of people come to serve and be trained and sent out to be a blessing and impact spheres of society. It’s amazing to think that from a smallish building in the midlands God is: "IMPACTING LIVES AND TRANSFORMING NATIONS".

It is with this in mind, that our desire is to expand and increase the ministry God has blessed us with. Thank you for your prayers, support and giving towards this project. Please continue to stand with us at this vital time. We will keep you updated of the progress over the next months.

Should you still wish to donate and not sure how to see below:
Gifts can be made in the following ways:
• Cheques. These should be made out to Youth With A Mission and sent to:
The Kings Lodge, Watling Street, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 0TZ,
• Paypal on our web site. For gifts given via Paypal, please make a note that it
is for the building fund.
• Gifts can be made by debit or credit card over the phone. Please contact us
if you wish to give using this method.

For UK tax payers, as you will be aware if the gifts are given via gift aid we will receive the tax you pay back on this amount. Please ask us for details.

• Favour with local council for detailed architectural planning approval
• For the continued finances necessary for this project
• For wisdom for our TKL building site manager
• Good ongoing relationship with our contractors
• For God’s blessing for this construction company who se desire is to use their skills and expertise to further the kingdom of God here

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

October 30th.

It has been 5 weeks that we have been in Hawaii now and life is taking on its routine. Due to the unexpected illness of Linda’s office colleague she is carrying the main load of Staff Services, something that we did not anticipate but I know is a huge blessing to the centre here. To have someone who can do this role with Linda’s expertise and experience is truly a huge help. Having said that there is still much she as to learn about the systems here.

The children are making friends slowly. This has been quite difficult for Elisa, who is naturally very friendly, but it seems the paths of the girls her age have not crossed as expected. But the Hula dance class twice a seek and swimming club 4 days a week help with the physical fitness!
Jonathan is enjoying his school more now but needs more to engage his free time. Yes, he does have many friends, but they are not always around either.

We have explored the more known beaches in this area, so now the next important step is to search out the lesser known beaches. All a very important part of our commission here!

The applications for the BTPS are slowly coming in, but the challenge is still the visas and finance, so we continue to pray, trust and do all we can to see this thing happen. God has called us here for this time, so we continue in this confidence.
Linda and I work in the building to the far left

Return to South Korea

It has been a while since I was in South Korea and it has been such fun to be back here again. This time I was back teaching in the Island of Jeju, an Island south of mainland Korea, where a large YWAM training centre is located which has grown significantly since I was last there!
It was thrilling to meet both Yang Hee and Ji Wung, both graduates from The King’s Lodge SBS in the past, and both now holding responsible positions of leadership here.
Yang Hee leads the Biblical Studies department with a team working throughout Korea, and into China, Mongolia and other areas of Asia, and Ji Wung leading what is the largest SBS we have in the world at this time. He is also a greatly sought after teacher both in YWAM and the local church setting. I am so proud of them!
My time here was very full but wonderful. The hospitality is outstanding and the food quite unique. I enjoy Korean food very much! We explored the letters of 1 and 2 Corinthians. The eagerness of the students was so refreshing, and very humbling. I love teaching in this place.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Re-MARK-able beginning

In just over two weeks we've had lots of new names to remember, new procedures to learn, the children's schooling to get established, and desks to set up.

Phil launched the new term of the Field-Based SBS just after we arrived and the on-going development of that keeps him hopping. The Biblical Teaching and Preaching School will begin here in Kona (our whole reason for coming!) in just 3 months from now, and the hard work to set up a school in a new location has begun. He attended a Local Pastors' fellowship meeting this past week to begin relationships with those who will help in mentoring his students.

The big focus this week is the Gospel of Mark, which Phil will teach on the SBS which has just begun here. To get the material new and up-dated, he's put a lot of thought and work into this book and will continue to work on it throughout the week. Please pray with us for revelation for the students (and Phil!).

Ironman Triathlon comes to Kona

We noticed a lot of joggers along the roadsides. "What a lot of healthy people!" we thought. Then we realized that the competitors had arrived and were in the last stages of training.

Saturday morning (yesterday) we were woken by the loudspeaker booming throughout the town, giving final instructions to those about to begin the race. At 6:45am the dove into the harbour for a 2.4 mile swim. Once back on shore they mounted bicycles for a 112 mile ride to the top of the island and back. The bikes were then parked so they could finish by running a marathon!

Not my idea of the best way to spend my Saturday, but over 1,700 competitors disagreed with me.

The fastest man did the race in 8 hours and 20 minutes; the fastest woman came in at 8 hours 54 minutes (and she was British).

After sundown we walked down to stand by the finish line to cheer on those arriving just under the 12 hour mark (the finish line "closed" at midnight). What an amazing accomplishment for these people.

None of these things happen without the behind-the-scenes people, and for years YWAMers and local churches have provided bus-loads of volunteers. We missed the sign-up opportunities, but over 300 YWAMers were part of making the event happen.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hi from HI!

We have been here in Hawaii just over two weeks now, and beginning to find our feet. Jonathan spent his first Saturday at the beach (along with the new SBS here and the rest of the family) and the second at one of his new friend’s pool-side birthday party. Linda and Elisa are in town right now checking it out. But this should not take too long because Kailua Kona is not a very large town.

A Hula Dance Welcome!

We have been made to feel very welcome but there is lots to get to know. Two of the people in the Staff Services office are leaving at the end of next week and Linda will then be promoted to Office Manager. Her reputation has proceeded her! I (Phil) have spent this first week finding out how things work here as a school leader and getting the new term of the internet-based Field Based SBS up and running. We have 12 students this term who are either beginning or continuing their studies.
It took just a few minutes in the sea with a boogie board for the kids to get hooked, but we did get a little too much sun too quickly (apart from a wise Linda) so I have a rather interesting looking peeling forehead!
It was wonderful to spend time with family, friends and churches in Colorado, but as is so often the case with these visits, there was just not quite enough time with each.

Please note our address change:
Phil and Linda Leage
The Royal Kailuan, 75-5863 Kuakini Hwy apt. # 338
Kailua Kona, HI 96740, USA

Phone number for family: +1 808 333 6189
Phil: +1 808 756 1210

Sunday, August 02, 2009

One month and counting ...

The children and I leave one month from today - 2nd of September. The countdown has seriously begun now.

While it's just the two of us at home, we are sorting and packing and cleaning. What to take? What to leave behind? What do need to get rid of? Lots of decisions, which in themselves can be quite tiring. Eleven years in this flat means we have accumulated more than we thought, and it is time for a massive sort out.

We are flying into Denver on the 2nd to spend a few weeks with my family and friends there before making the second leg of the journey to Kona. Our last visit was Christmas 2007, so there is a lot to catch up on. These photos were taken with family last time we were together.

Phil leave about the same time as us to attend the University of the Nations International Gathering in Egypt. After a few nights back at The King's Lodge, he will fly on the 15th to join us.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

WildFire Blazes at The King's Lodge

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

The Fruit of the Spirit is the result of the work of God’s Spirit in our lives, and we focused on walking out the presence of His Spirit.

The whole year of WildFire was building up for this training camp and the following outreaches. We had 104 camp participants – WOW! Running from Monday – Saturday, we worshipped and learned and processed as family groups and learned skills through workshops and ate ... some even got some sleep!

One of the most encouraging highlights was the excitement that was bubbling in the group for our Thursday night meeting; last year we prayed for each other and there was a fantastic move of the Holy Spirit within the group. Although a repeat of last year wasn’t necessarily in the teaching plan, the program shifted to accommodate this longing to welcome God’s moving in and through their lives. One of the most fulfilling things in life is to see young people on their knees before God, repenting and yielding themselves to him. They wept over and prayed for one another. Things happened on Thursday night that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Three outreach teams were sent out at the end of the camp: 40 to Spain, 15 to Italy, and 30 to South Africa. Although we hadn’t advertised a camp-only option, nearly 20 people booked in just to be a part of the training week!

Elisa and Jonathan left Sunday (27th) for an amazing experience in Worcester, South Africa. This is a picture of the South Africa team. We’ve heard that they are both settled well and getting on really well together. Elisa has given her testimony at least twice in school assemblies, and she says she is no longer afraid of speaking in public.

We are struggling to identify what that quiet sound in our home is with both of them gone!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Phil’s last teaching trip for a while.

This last in a long string of teaching trips was special as Elisa was able to join me. One of the blessings of home schooling! We went to the beautiful city of Budapest where I taught on the final week of our very first SBS in Hungary.

Having Elisa there did bring about a different dynamic to this trip. While I was teaching she was doing her lessons; when I had finished class, so had she. So the first question I got from her was, ‘ What are we going to do now’? I think I must have done more sight seeing on this trip than all of my other trips this year put together. We got to know the city very well as it has a very good bus, tram and subway system.

I taught the students wisdom literature – Job, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon – each one powerful but often neglected books. The message of each one is so desperately needed today.
I have now turned my attention to getting to grips with all the things I need to do to be ready to leave for Hawaii. Linda is finishing the children’s school year, and hoping to be very involved in preparing for a Wildfire camp here in a couple of week. We expect about 100 children, teenagers and families here that will be preparing for outreaches to South Africa, Italy and Spain.
Life never gets dull!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Raising the joy level in Nuneaton

WildFire entered a float in yesterday's Nuneaton Carnival procession. Clowns, magicians, stilt-walkers, unicyclists, an acrobalance team, drummers and dancers accompanied the float filled with people in costume from around the world. There were 60 of us involved from the ages of 4 - 50!

The Carnival theme was "Anything Goes". We took them at their word and proclaimed JOY over Nuneaton, using the King's Kids mandate of "raising the joy level". The judges loved the theme, costumes and involvement, and we were awarded Second Place in our category. Yipee!

Jonathan was a magician who stopped in the crowd to show his trick; Elisa rode on the float dressed as a Scottish dancer. Well done, WildFire!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Snowdon conquered!

Yesterday Elisa and Jonathan, along with a friend Anna, reached the summit of Mt Snowdon, after a hard walk up the Pyg Track. The amazing thing of the day was that their dad made it too! Thank you to all who have been willing to sponsor them to help towards their missions trip to South Africa next month. This is a great blessing.

We made it!

The summit of Snowdon is top centre

Half way up and still smiling

Friday, June 12, 2009

Another miracle!

This week our family was able to purchase air tickets for Elisa and Jonathan to go on outreach this July/August to South Africa!

It was a substantial amount and we praise God that He has provided for it.

On Saturday Elisa, Jonathan and Phil will join friends to climb Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales, to raise more money toward their outreach.

I'm staying back at The King's Lodge for WildFire preparation to be a part of our Nuneaton Carnival on Sunday.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

God Save the Queen

My application for British nationality has been approved and I am now a proper citizen of the United Kingdom!

The process took far less time than the reported 6-month wait -- thankfully!! In fact, I received my letter of approval in less than two months. Perhaps it was all that prayer.

The children and a friend accompanied me to Warwick for the official citizenship ceremony. The High Sheriff of Warwick welcomed 16 of us on the Queen's behalf, followed by tea and biscuits in the garden.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

SBS Consultation in Germany

A few weeks ago, I went to the YWAM centre in the Bavarian village of Hulach Germany, to attend an international gathering of leaders and staff involved in the School of Biblical Studies (SBS).
Also gathered were people involved in many related ministries, most of which were ‘spin offs’ from the SBS. It was quite a historic event laying foundations for the next phase of growth for this ministry.

One of the best things about these times is meeting up with friends and colleagues as well as hearing what God is doing around the world. We had Don Gilman, who is the East Asia director for YWAM’s frontier missions ministries speak to us. After telling many stories about the impact the SBS is making in places where there are new church plants and in restricted access nations, there was a heart cry from him for greater partnership between the SBS world and Frontier Missions. The response to this can be seen on You Tube at:

One of the new ministries of SBS international is a website with teaching from some of our SBS leaders on books of the Bible. You can check this out on:
If you look hard enough, you will find a series I have done on Luke’s Gospel.

Right now I am in Sweden (until Friday) teaching the Bible Core Course, we are looking at Old Testament law material and especially Deuteronomy. To see how the students light up when they see the relevance and significance of the law for today, and more than that, how wonderful the God of the law is, never get old.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Playing Football in Spain

Jonathan is off this bank holiday weekend to play in a WildFire football match in Spain.

WildFire is our local youth ministry which gives input spiritually, socially, through service, and now through a lot of fun in the sun!

They are flying into Malaga, and staying at the YWAM base where Uncle David and Auntie Rita live and work ... too bad they won't be there! It is his first big trip like this without Mum or Dad, and we expect it will be a real confidence booster.

The wound on Jonathan's back is healing nicely, but it was quite a blow today when the nurse told him he shouldn't go in the water this weekend (risk of infection). On the beach, visiting a villa with a pool - not an easy bit of instruction for him.

He's Back!!

Phil returned to the UK and his family on Monday. Yipee!!

This 2-1/2 week trip seemed really long from the home perspective. From the Kingdom perspective, however, it was an amazing opportunity. Understanding Deuteronomy and I & II Kings can unlock the whole Old Testament, and I know Phil's teaching was key for this school.

He loved New Zealand - his first time there. The school leaders, Roger and Julie, trained at The King's Lodge many years ago, and being a part of their ongoing school development was also rewarding for him.

Of course Phil can speak better than I about the experience. I could joke that he is still asleep, but the day after his return he sat in all-day meetings, followed by teaching Nahum and Obadiah the next morning, before taking Elisa and some friends out to a long-planned event. What a guy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A trip to the George Eliot Hospital

Phil boarded the plane Saturday night for New Zealand and Elisa, at short notice, signed up for another week at Spring Harvest. Jonathan and I were going to have some special times together while the others were away, and I was looking forward to it. But he had a sore on his back ...

We stopped in at the Out-of-Hours clinic for some antibiotics, but after two days we ended up at Accident and Emergency. Jonathan was admitted into hospital because of an abscess on his back which needed to be dealt with surgically. So maybe the special thing we did was spend the night together in hospital on Monday night. The infected bit was lanced and cleaned, and the wound is expected to heal within 2 weeks.

We are so grateful for a good hospital in our area - they were really great. ...and thank God for His grace that was over the two of us, and His healing power.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Home Schooling

As part of the preparation to move to Kona, Hawaii, for this next year, we have begun to home school the children. This has been a huge step for them, and especially Linda who is learning to be a home school mum. We have a great curriculum but it takes some getting used to. We wanted to begin early so that we were not dealing with the huge change of location, living space and friends, as well as getting used to the home schooling challenge. Elisa is getting on very well, and for Jonathan, it is a little more of an adjustment. I think Linda is learning the most right now and is doing a wonderful job!

Changes for the Leages

There is a huge and challenging change coming to the Leage family this autumn. A number of years ago I (Phil) developed a training school for our Bible school graduates called the Biblical Teaching and Preaching School (BTPS). It has proved to be a very valuable program giving students a safe place to develop the skills needed to communicate the scriptures effectively in both the public preaching and classroom type teaching situations, and in a missions setting.

A couple of years ago I was invited to pioneer this school at one of our Hawaii training campuses. Linda and I did not believe the time was right for this until now! We are planning to spend from September this year to June next year at the Kona, Hawaii, University of the Nations Campus where I will be leading this school. Although the school is from January - June 2010, we have been asked to arrive a couple of months early to learn how the base operates and be settled in for the start. There is an experience leader that will be learning from me how to run the BTPS so that it can continue beyond this one school.

The challenges for us have included our children’s education (see below home schooling) and we will need a large increase of finances, with the change in pound/dollar exchange rates not helping!

Check out the location at:

Field Based School of Biblical Studies

We now enter the third module of the fbsbs, with our students doing very well. The quality of the work is very high, and these first students are setting an excellent standard. It is both encouraging and humbling to read the applications the students are writing; clearly the word is doing its work.
We now have our new home and logo and you can check it out on The modules with the small face icon are open to guests. Be my guest!
Niklas, who is church planting in India says: ‘The study in itself has been so good for
me here on the field, it has been so relevant and I have been doing much better this last 3 months than I was doing the year before. I believe some of it has to do with the depth I have got from the Word.’
We welcome Scott who has joined us as a third staff person. As we increase our staff and are able to prepare and upload the teaching material, we will be ready to accept more students.

The King’s Lodge continues

Life at The King’s Lodge continues with our ministries and training. We received two teams back from ministering in Latin America, and sent a team out to Thailand. The WildFire teams continue each month that involves us more, with the children being involved and the Linda helping to lead. We welcome new students for our April all age DTS this week, and students for the Bible Core Course next week. Our nine month SBS continues well with our students about to explore the Old Testament prophets, always on exciting part of the school.

Our Nephew Marries

At the beginning of March we traveled to Middlesbrough to celebrate the marriage of my nephew, Paul, to Gen. It was a rather unique event as they had entered a competition in a local newspaper and ended up winning a £10,000GBP wedding! The ceremony was truly wonderful, and the setting rather stunning. These times are very special for being able to spend time with family, which we enjoyed very much.

One step closer ...

The application for my British nationality is in, and the waiting game now begins. I have been told it could take up to 6 months for the processing to take place (impending changes in the law have prompted more than me to act!). Please pray with me for the application to be successful and that the process will be speedy.

Jonathan Turns Twelve

Jonathan had a double celebration for his birthday, first a birthday meal with the family and then a party with some friends. The party was a boy’s dream: LazerQuest, We are proud to see our son growing up so well.

Phil’s Travels

This period has been quite busy with travel for me, with some very fruitful teaching trips. I was able to visit our SBS in Egypt again, this time to teach in our very first Old Testament SBS. We had a wonderful time in the book of Deuteronomy, exploring how the law is so relevant for us today.

I also visited Switzerland to teach on the wisdom books of Ecclesiastes, Job and the Song of Solomon, or as I like to say depression, despair and sex! OK, so it is not quite like that, but there was sadness for the students as this was the last week of their nine month school. They were getting ready for outreach.

I also taught the Bible Core Course in Nashville Tennessee, this time not by traveling there, but by web cam and skype. Even though there were obvious limitations, it was a fun time. We explored wisdom literature and the Song of Solomon.

This past week we joined the King’s Kids team at Spring Harvest (a large Christian holiday event in the UK). We were part of the team running "Firestarters" for the 8-11 year-olds - all 400 of them! This was a true family adventure.

On Easter Saturday I head off to teach in Oxford (Oxford New Zealand that is) teaching on a YWAM Bible school there. This is fulfilling a long-standing invitation from the pioneers and leaders of this school, who trained some years back here at The King’s Lodge. It will be wonderful to be able to spend time with them and see the work they are doing.

Elisa Baptized

One of the greatest joys of this year was for me to baptize Elisa, as she made a public declaration of her faith in Jesus. We are proud of her that she took time to think through the seriousness of this step, and then decided that it was the right thing for her.

WildFire in the Spring

WildFire Local has been working in surrounding towns, doing community service and local evangelism while the 10 -18-year olds having been growing in faith and fellowship with other Christian friends. So far we’ve been in Coventry and Nuneaton in recent months. We just experienced our farthest trip yet - 300 miles to Edinburgh for the weekend!!
We partnered with City Life, a kids and youth church which runs a double-decker bus through the estate to collect young people each Sunday morning. The stories these kids have to tell are of a rough life with little hope, and this ministry has worked in this area for 12 years bringing truth and hope to them.

Our WildFire leader, Jono, the kids and I recently did a site visit in Cambridge to prepare for our 17-19th of April WildFire. We met with our host, Connie Taylor, we prayed together, and did a mini-tour of this historic city. We have some great ideas on things we can do, but need God’s power (and good weather!).

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Genesis, Genesis, Old Testament Overview and Psalms

These past two weeks have been full but very satisfying as our Biblical Studies schools begin their study of the Old Testament. The week before last I went to Sweden to teach the SBS there, firstly the big picture of God’s purposes as it is worked out through the scriptures, and then we explored Genesis together. It was a thrilling week with a wonderful response from the students and staff. This past week was a similar experience here at The King’s Lodge. So much about the nature and character of God, humanity and his purpose for creation can be identified in this first book of the Bible.

Today we are in Scotland to share in the big occasion of Alistair Cuthbert. Alistair and Lynsey have been working with us at The King’s Lodge for this past 9 years and has now left to become pastor for families at Stirling Baptist Church in Scotland. We are excited to share in his ordination and commissioning tomorrow.

Yes, I have made my first Indian Curry, photo to prove the point. Yes, it is a little black, and I am not sure any Indian would recognised it, but it did taste better than it looks.

Friday, February 06, 2009

'Life in the UK' results

I passed!!

After hours of studying I felt pretty secure going in for the test. I paid my money and proved my identy, then sat in the waiting room with with a number of other nervous future test-takers. We were literally from all over the world.

Forty-five minutes were allowed to answer the 24 multiple-choice questions. Either you know the answers or you don't, so I actually spent very little time in the test room. What I knew was enough to earn the certificate I need to accomany my UK citizenship application.

Once my friend receives the last document she is waiting for we will submit our applications - waiting period right now is up to 5 months for a reply!

Monday, February 02, 2009

'Life in the UK' test

It had to be done. I bought the study book last May but have avoided taking the exam for too long. My South African friend, Hermoine, has joined me in studying and together we scheduled to take our test -- this Friday!

According to the UK Border Agency web site: "If your English skills are higher than ESOL Entry 3, you will need to pass the Life in the UK test before you submit your application for citizenship. The test consists of 24 multiple choice questions based on the information in the handbook 'Life in the UK: A Journey to Citizenship'."

Here is a practice test site - how would you do?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

FBSBS - Module 2

The Field Based School of Biblical Studies (FBSBS) continues into the second module, while four new students join us for Module One. After just a few months we have seen this course is a huge blessing to the students who are scattered around the world. Each module has to be developed before the students can launch into it, so it keeps me on my toes as I pioneer this program.

Our Church Life

One of the responsibilities I carry is as an elder of the church which our family attends. It is a wonderful church with a significant ministry into the local community.
We are in a place of change because our Pastor is leaving at the end of February. I will be very involved on the process of leading the church through the task of finding a new leader. Our hope and prayer is that, during this time of transition, the church will continue to be the body of Christ to each other and our locality, and we will know the will of the Lord for the future. Exciting times.

A 2009 Goal for Phil

I received a wonderful gift this Christmas on how to cook Indian curries. Becoming a skilled curry chef is one of my 2009 aspirations. Now we have to pick which night will be "curry night".

A 2009 Goal for Jonathan and Elisa

A year away from the UK will make a big difference in the education for our children. Home education is what these two are looking forward to in 2009.
Jonathan and I begin next week and, once we work out a routine, we will add Elisa to our home education program. By beginning now we will be well into our stride when we arrive in Hawaii in September. Pray for us! We all have lots to learn.

A 2009 Goal for Linda

Something really important to me this year is to gain UK citizenship. Although I have lived here more than 16 years and easily qualify, I have put off going through this process. The requirements are primarily taking a test, filing out lots of forms, and paying an incredible amount of money.
The test I have to take is to ensure I can speak English and understand how to live in this country. Want to have a go at some sample questions? Click on see how you would do. My application cannot be complete without the certificate which shows I passed this test.
A common question is if I will have to give up my American citizenship to do this and the answer is no; dual citizenship is possible for both the kids and me.
Immigration laws continue to tighten around the world, and it seems the conditions to meet will only become more difficult and cost become more expensive. We received an unexpected gift toward to costs of my application so now I have to begin studying in earnest.