Sunday, November 30, 2008

Loren describes YWAM's DNA

The first week of November The King's Lodge hosed a DNA conference with Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM. He is 73 and so full of faith and vision, humour and passion for completing the Great Commission. His wife Darlene had to cancel at the last moment to be with her sick mother. However David Hamilton, a vice-president of YWAM’s University of the Nations, was superb! YWAM Denver provided the worship band.

The value of a looking at the DNA of YWAM -- the unique traits that God put into the mission at the beginning and what we must stay true to -- is that it keeps us on track in the ways we live, make decisions, and the goals we set. Loren and David reminded us of the roots of YWAM, which are complete dependence on listening to the voice of God and learning His ways.

The conference was held here at the Lodge in a Marquee (in November - we must be full of faith!!). There were about 275 participants from all around YWAM England and Scotland. The DTS teams from around the nation were sleeping on church hall floors in Nuneaton and Hinckley, and the rest of us held our breath to fit another 60 or so into the building. We catered for everyone from Sunday night to Friday lunch. To be able to pull off this feat we invited our friend, Trish Dobson, to return to from South Africa to England for a "holiday" and cook for us this week. She loved it and, because she is so good, we were able to serve 2,500 meals from our modest TKL kitchen with flair.

If anyone would like a CD full of 16 messages in MP3 format please let us know.

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