Sunday, November 30, 2008

Linda's WildFire catch-up - October Camp

At the end of October, WildFire held a 4-day camp during half-term at The King's Lodge for 60+ young people and families. This served as a launch into our third year of local WildFire teams. These are teams of young people and families who meet together for one weekend a month to do outreach in their local community. They serve in practical ways, raise the joy level through arts and music, and connect with people who don’t know Jesus. We have a Nuneaton team, a London team, and a team that has just started in Harpenden.

Our camp had "Freedom" as its theme; we were looking at who God has made us to be, stepping out in His power to do what He’s called us to do, and getting rid of all the stuff that gets in the way! We had a fantastic time going deeper with God, allowing Him to minister to us, and ministering to each other. We were also being equipped for the rest of the year as well, so each day there were workshops designed to get us prepared for outreach - dance, drama, magic and circus skills, percussion, choir singing, acro-balance, and others.

One highlight for us was seeing many of the young people sign up to be prayed for. Ministry teams would pray with them in pairs and receive words, pictures and scriptures for them, particularly concerning how God sees them. This was enormously encouraging for the young people, and many shared with us all the things God had said and done through these times.

Other highlights were great times of fun and freedom in worship (led by the young people), and a wonderful "Concert to the Lord" at the end, offering all our dances, drama, percussion, circus, songs, tricks and (Jonathan-led) beat-boxing back to the Lord!

We have had some great feedback from young people and parents since the camp. One Mum told us how, since the camp, one of her daughters had really broken through in letting go of a grudge she had held against her sister for a long time. Another Mum told us how her son was really impacted by the things God had shown him during his prayer slot, that he kept them by his bed for close reference!
Elisa and Jonathan are building powerful friendships through WildFire, and we can see them growing spiritually through their involvement. My perspective comes from both the organizer's and parent's perspective, and from both angles I am sold on WildFire.

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