Sunday, November 30, 2008

Linda's WildFire catch-up - May in Liverpool

We were invited to bring a team of young people to participate in this amazingly organised extravaganza on Hope Street, between Liverpool’s two Cathedrals. The churches in the city worked together to put on the event, which involved a big procession, bands, dance, youth zones, kids zones, food and arts of all kinds. Over 20,000 people walked up and down the street enjoying the atmosphere and joining in the fun during the day. The UK church has followed the theme of HOPE all year, and where better to celebrate than on Hope Street!

Two minibuses full of enthusiastic young dancers, acro-balancers and clowns headed north from Nuneaton to stay in St Helens for the weekend. On the day we set up an interactive circus area where people were welcomed to come and have a go at juggling, balancing, stilt walking etc. We also had three dance groups amongst us who performed in this space and other zones, drawing crowds and sharing about the hope they have. We had great fun dressing up in costumes to throw a bit of a Ceilidh (pronounced "KAY-lee" and similar to a barn dance or square dancing) in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral for part of the afternoon. Passers-by joined us as we danced in the sunshine. The atmosphere of the day was relaxed, fun and joyful… good conditions for hope to grow in…

Elisa loves dancing, and quickly learned some moves for the streets; Jonathan enjoyed doing football skills and magic tricks in the crowd. The Ceilidh dances were the same as Elisa and I did last year in China, and we were ablel to draw Phil and Jonathan into the circle.

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