Sunday, November 30, 2008

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It is the first Sunday of Advent, and we celebrated by decorating our home for Christmas.
If we waited for next weekend (6 December) Phil would already have left for his next teaching trip in Muizenburg, South Africa. He'll be teaching Matthew for the week as well as meeting with the SBS staff to encourage them and help with their development. We look forward to Phil's return home on 13 December.

Phil was in Lausanne, Switerland, the week of 17 November, teaching both Genesis and Deuteronomy. This past Friday he taught I Corinthians to our SBS here, and a Q & A session is planned tomorrow night for more input.

The calendar for 2009 teaching is filling up, including trips to Sweden, Hungary, Egypt, Switzerland, and New Zealand.

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