Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy birthday TKL!!

On 1 January, 1984, 13 faithful pioneers moved into what is now The King's Lodge. YWAM England saw this as a strategic location in the centre of the nation, and what a great property to train people by the thousands in their understanding of God and skills for ministry. Twenty-five years on The King's Lodge is thriving with expanding ministry and significant influence in the nations.

While Loren Cunningham and so many representatives from all of YWAM England were with us for the DNA conference, there was a special "Happy Birthday" party held for TKL and a celebration of all that God has done in these 25 years. Since Phil has been here since 1985 (arriving when the Lodge was only 18 months in YWAM's possession) he can give testimony to God's amazing faithfulness over this time.

Picture this: a birthday cake big enough for 300 with sparkler fireworks fizzing all around it, and a procession led by TKL's younger residents with party hats and horns (Elisa), some incredible beat-boxers giving the rhythm (Jonathan), and flags of the nations were waving through the air as sang, "Ask and I'll give the nations to you, Oh Lord, that's the cry of my heart ..."

An offering of £27,000 was raised on this night for our new building extension. WOW! You have to remember that nearly everyone in the tent was a YWAMer, with God as the only means of making any of this possible. WOW!

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