Saturday, October 11, 2008

BCC consultation in Holland

This weekend (10th Oct) I leave for a conference in Holland with Bible Core Course leaders from around Europe. The purpose is to pray and plan for the future of this course within YWAM. I will be playing a key role in this.

Straight after this, on Monday, I go to Egypt to teach on the third week of their SBS and be there a week. As you will know we have been working with our staff there to see this school established and it is a thrill that we now have our very first full nine month SBS led by an Egyptian.

FBSBS launched at last

Last week I launched the Field-Based School of Biblical Studies, the e-learning SBS. I have eight students in six countries that are part of this pioneering start. So far at this early stage the results are varied, with some students steaming ahead having finished their work a week ahead of time, and others making a slower start. This school has been a dream and goal for more than a decade. These are my co-pioneers of the course!