Thursday, September 04, 2008

"Freedom and Power Camp" from 21-25 July

Some stories are best told with pictures, and losing our ability to add photos to our posts has really thrown us. We are very relieved that we have solved the problem and can now show you what we did during the school holidays.

King's Kids International (KKi) is a YWAM ministry for youth and families, and I have just completed my first year as a "King's Kid". All year we have been building toward a summer camp to train young people in discipleship and ministry skills, followed by outreaches for them to begin putting what has been learned into practice. So on the Monday after school ended we had 80 participants show up to grow in God, meet lots of people, and have lots of fun.

We set up a huge marquee to hold the meetings, and packed everyone into the main building for eating and sleeping. We even had 15 guys sleeping on a classroom floor! My responsibility was primarily on the admin side, and I was really fulfilled to be able to help the camp run well so that our gifted camp leaders could focus.

All four of us were a part of the camp, and for the first time in their lives our kids got to sleep in the main building!

The sessions taught about "loving God and hating sin", "God as a father", "Destiny", and "letting God be in control of your life". Profound sessions! The participants jumped in head first, and wanted all God had for them. It was an incredible privilege to see these young people respond to what the Holy Spirit was doing in and around them.

In between this was lots of volleyball, football, and lessons in circus skills, balloon modeling, drama, dance, internet radio. Other workshops covered hearing God better when you pray and how to share your testimony.

Camp participants were from everywhere!! We had 11 Egyptian young people and 8 from North Dakota (USA) fly in for the camp and following outreach. Many internationals who live in England (like me!) also came including 2 from Poland and 7 South Koreans.

Following the 5-day training camp we launched into outreach: 14 of us flew to Sarajevo, Bosnia for 10 days, and the remaining 60+ worked in Camphill, a local council estate in Nuneaton.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First day back to school

Jonathan began his first day of Secondary School today!

Our dear boy is entering Year 7 with a confidence and excitement; please pray with us that this would continue! Elisa has moved into Year 9 with a new assurance in who she is in herself and, especially, who she is in God.

We have seen so many answers to prayers, and are so grateful for God's mighty work in their (and our!) lives.