Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back from Bosnia

We're back from an amazing 10-day outreach in Sarajevo.

Our task was to help run a camp for 10-14 year old kids who have been in contact already with the YWAM team working in Sarajevo. It was a camp in English - a language that so many are desperate to learn - with lots of crazy games and activities, but also with quick lessons about how each one of us is unique, part of a community, we need to forgive, and that walking in intgrity and taking initiative are the ways to live. Although we were restricted from talking about Jesus in this Muslim nation, we could see that the kids "got it" in terms of the ways Jesus has taught us to live. These foundations brought through a group of people they know loves them will stay with them when making future life choices.

There were 60 kids from the local area who took part in the camp. It lasted for 5 days, and ran from 10:00-5:00. To get there and pray and set up, and then to clean up afterwards and get home on the bus meant we put in 11-hour days. Elisa taught a dance workshop, and Jonathan ran a lunch-time "beat-box" workshop that was very well attended. Both of our kids adjusted very well to the culture and the heat. It felt like wonderful Colorado sunny days, and we even had mountains to make us feel right at home.

Now that we are back we see the terrible news of the conflict between Georgia and Russia. The pictures on TV news must resemble what it was like in Sarajevo from 1992-1995 when they were under seige by the Serbian forces. The scars and pain of war still remain in Bosnia, and it was a great privilege to be a part of bringing hope.

We have lost some of the settings on our blog dashboard so can't upload any pictures right now. Hopefully soon ...