Friday, July 04, 2008

What a week!

We knew it would be a busy one, with over half of our annual family celebrations over the course of just 5 days! Alongside of that, it happens to be the busiest week of the year at The King's Lodge. We really did have quite a week.

June 20 (Friday) was the January Discipleship Training School (DTS) graduation. After 12 weeks of training in the classroom they have been out on the field, working 2 weeks with children at "Spring Harvest" (a large Christian camp) and 9 weeks working in Turkey. They told us stories about all they had experienced and how God had changed them while they were sharing him with others. We worshiped God together for what he has done in these past 6 months.

June 23 (Monday) was Elisa's 13th birthday! We decided to make a special fuss over this special birthday, including take two of her best friends out to dinner with our family and a special affirmation around the meal table. The next weekend included two back-to-back sleepovers!

This day we also sent 20 from our Crossroads DTS (students, children and school staff) to South Africa on outreach.

June 25 (Wednesday) was Phil's birthday! We have conveniently forgotten how many years ... His request was a special dinner of "Toad in the Hole" made by his American wife, and carrot cake. Another group of about 10 left that morning for South Africa.

June 26 (Thursday) we were able to celebrate two graduations: The Bible Core Course (BBC - a 12-week course which uses the inductive approach to study portions of the Bible representing the different kinds of literature) and the School of Biblical Studies (SBS - a 9-month course which studies every book of the Bible inductively, and the students will have read the Bible minimum 5 times throughout these 36 weeks). More stories came about how the scripture has effected their own hearts and their world-view. I noticed several times that the impact our students were talking about had come through books that Phil had taught them (note from proud wife!!)

June 27 (Friday) was our 16th wedding anniversary! We spent a few minutes gazing into each other's eyes, then got off to work to see this term completed. Students and their new family at TKL were experiencing tearful goodbyes, while the Introduction to Primary Healthcare school did their final packing to leave for Uganda that night.

Elisa was off school due to a Teacher Training day, so she was off with some of her church friends celebrating her birthday. They came back to us for pizza, then we whisked them off to Youth Group for the evening, then the sleepovers began ...

The change of pace hasn't been as dramatic as we'd hoped as we came into our first week of "summer" at TKL. Cleaning up, regrouping for summer activities, and as a family preparing for our summer outreach to Bosnia are all capturing our attention.

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