Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Songs of Praise" meets YWAM England

"Songs of Praise" is a well-established British tradition produced by the BBC. As part of its mandate to include religious programming, their team travels to different churches and meets with different people to explore aspects of their Christian faith, and participates in their worship times (often hymns). This is an American's understanding!!

Tonight the show will explore aspects of faith and finances, and a couple based in YWAM Harpenden (YWAM England's national office) is to be interviewed, and there will be scenes (we hope) of our site just north of London.

Tune in!!! See Brian and Anne Sloan, a couple who did their Crossroads DTS at The King's Lodge in the early '90's, and left their furniture for Phil and Linda (the newly-married couple) to use while they worked on the Anastasis mercy ship!

Tonight's show (Sunday, 20th) is from 4.25-5.00pm on BBC2.

For only one week the show can be seen again through BBC iPlayer. Click on and then choose BB2 and 20 July.

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