Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Working hard in South Korea

Phil spent a week in Seoul, South Korea, during the middle of May. This was designed to be a three-week trip which also included New Zealand; God in his wisdom and mercy allowed the second leg to be canceled.

A ministry of YWAM South Korea offers discipleship and Bible training to businessmen and women after their working day and during their weekends. The hunger is so great in these people to grow that these courses are mushrooming all over the nation.

The Businessman’s SBS was launched two years ago to teach the New Testament over the course of one year. The Old Testament is being offered for the first time, and this course was at capacity within one week of being advertised.
Phil was invited to teach Deuteronomy, an essential book which speaks out the "constitution" God establishes in this new nation of Israel, summarizes the law, and lays out God’s covenant with His people.

He taught both a day class and then an evening class, allowing him to squeeze two teaching weeks into one calendar week. Now that he is home he is feeling the effects of the long days of concentration as well as the travel.

It’s always great to have him home!

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