Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Working hard in South Korea

Phil spent a week in Seoul, South Korea, during the middle of May. This was designed to be a three-week trip which also included New Zealand; God in his wisdom and mercy allowed the second leg to be canceled.

A ministry of YWAM South Korea offers discipleship and Bible training to businessmen and women after their working day and during their weekends. The hunger is so great in these people to grow that these courses are mushrooming all over the nation.

The Businessman’s SBS was launched two years ago to teach the New Testament over the course of one year. The Old Testament is being offered for the first time, and this course was at capacity within one week of being advertised.
Phil was invited to teach Deuteronomy, an essential book which speaks out the "constitution" God establishes in this new nation of Israel, summarizes the law, and lays out God’s covenant with His people.

He taught both a day class and then an evening class, allowing him to squeeze two teaching weeks into one calendar week. Now that he is home he is feeling the effects of the long days of concentration as well as the travel.

It’s always great to have him home!

Summer plans are set!!

Spring is in the England air, meaning decisions for our summer needed to be made. A few weeks ago The King’s Lodge hosted Dean Sherman, YWAMer for 40 years and respected Bible teacher. Dean spoke a few words to us which helped us discern that it would be really good for us as a family to go on a summer outreach with a team going to Bosnia.

You might be thinking that that’s a long way from China which we had been talking about! We personally could not get a full "yes" in our hearts about China, and now the opportunity we were looking at has been cancelled. Since we do know we are called to GO, that left the whole world before us!

In 2007 The King’s Lodge hosted the YWAM Sarajevo (Bosnia) team, as 6 of them came to train in children and youth work. They have now returned to Sarajevo with their new skills to work with young people and families who are still recovering from the years of war experienced during the 90's. I’m told that the effects of the battle are scarred on every hill, building, and on the hearts of the people.

We will be a part of a YWAM Wildfire outreach, geared toward youth and families taking part, and a huge emphasis is for us as a team to bring joy - to those we work with and especially to bring joy to God’s heart through how we live and what we do. Our interaction with Bosnians will include teaching English in pre-schools, community centres, and a blind school. We will also join an ongoing YWAM ministry there of rebuilding playgrounds for the children, and teaching them how to play again after all the stifling years of war.

Rejoice with us that we were able to book our flight reservations for 4 to Bosnia! God has generously provided for us and we want to tell of what He is doing. Please pray with us as we continue to prepare. The dates including our training camp are 21 July - 5 August 2008.