Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sunny Hawaii and LA

I am home resting after a very full two weeks away. This past month I have been able to teach on four different Bible schools in three different continents, three in person and one virtually!
I had the opportunity to explore the up-to-date relevance of the book of Deuteronomy with our School of Biblical Studies (SBS) here at The King’s Lodge, and then the wisdom of God’s Wisdom with our shorter Bible school (BCC) that is also currently happening here. I then spent six hours with our SBS in Manila, the Philippines, via Skype and web cam. We had a few interruptions but it was a lot of fun and the book of Psalms lived for us during this time.

I am now resting after two weeks away in the USA. I joined our base director at an international YWAM leaders conference in Kona, Hawaii. Yes, it is beautiful and sunny but, alas, most of the time was spent inside and in meetings. These are always such vision-giving times and this is a very significant moment for us as a mission. I was also able to re-visit with an number of colleagues and friends from around the world, which was a blessing.

We have a newly-established SBS at our training facility in Los Angeles, one which I taught over the internet through Skype and a web cam last year. It was a delight to stop off on the home and meet the students face to face. I was able to start their third and final term by teaching the book of Matthew. The eagerness and excitement that the students express in their study of the scriptures is very motivating for a teacher.

I am home now for a good few weeks and my desk is calling for my urgent attention, as well as teaching again on our SBS here at The King’s Lodge.
A view of the YWAM base in Hawaii, and the Student in the School in LA