Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Earth-shaking News

Just before 1:00am this morning we woke up to a roar ... no, a shaking ... no, both. EARTHQUAKE! We learned later that the epicenter was in Lincolnshire (northeast of us) about 150 miles away. It measured 5.2 and the 10-second event was felt all over the nation. The experience is hard to explain, but as we spoke to people today we discovered it was very frightening for many. Only one major injury has been reported and many chimneys have collapsed, but that seems to be the extent of the damage. It was odd hearing the hangers in the closet rocking back and forth after all else was silent.

Oh, but THAT isn't the big news in the Leage family. Today Phil completed the final adjustments to his dissertation and put it in the mail to the University for grading. Everything is done now apart from donning his cap and gown next November to receive his Bachelor of Arts in Theology diploma.


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