Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Colorado Memories

We started out by thinking three weeks was a very long time; suddenly it was over and seems a distant memory. But the time in Colorado to visit family and friends was wonderful.

As mentioned it snowed ... and snowed ... I left England boasting at how much sunshine Colorado gets, even during the winter. I longed for the crisp air with the clear blue sky and warm sunshine, but we got very little of that. I think we were all surprised that the sun kept itself hidden for so long. Great weather for skiing and snowboarding, which Phil and the kids thoroughly enjoyed with my sister's family (she and I had to have coffee and do some shopping).

When we see each other only a few days every two years, time together is really precious. Family celebrations included my parent's 49th wedding anniversary and my birthday along with a special Christmas being home with my parents. We were fussed over and made to feel really welcome, and that was very special to us and to me. It was great Elisa and Jonathan got so much time with cousins.

Our church families showed great interest and care, and we were able to meet some new faces as well as greet the old friends. One disappointment was the limited time and not being able to spend time with many we would have like to. We had some fantastic times together with people -- just not enough or with enough of you.

Coming back was a very smooth journey but also very tiring. We sent the children to school the next day (after having already missed one week) and it was a pretty tough re-entry into the time zone for all of us. It took nearly 10 days to be fully adjusted, and Phil and I could still drop off to sleep at any given moment!

The term at TKL was in full swing upon our return, so there have been 20+ new people to meet and stories to hear. Our DTS outreach team in Albania is having a great time, and the SBS just completed the New Testament yesterday with an Oral Examination over every NT book.

After only being home 2 weeks, Phil left last Sunday for Jerusalem to teach on a mobile YWAM course that is currently in the Middle East. He text me tonight to say it is SNOWING! He can't get away fom it!