Friday, July 27, 2007

China Update 3

I had a text (SMS) from Linda yesterday. The weather was good and the team were able to perform at one of the festival sites throughout the day. In the evening they spent time in a park (Green Park) just opposite the hotel meeting people and worshiping in the open air.

The boys are doing ok back home. We leave for Brighton tomorrow, we plan to be there for a week.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

China Update 2

I had a good chat with Linda on skype this morning. The team are part of an annual festival called the Lotus Festival, it last for the month of July. It seems that July is also quite a rainy month, the lotus flower opens in the rain! So, it is not only England that is experiencing rain, but there have been a couple of days of heavy rain that has hindered the presentations the team were planning to do.

However, Monday was a very good day, they went to one of the main parks and were involved in Scottish dancing, football (soccer) and circus tricks along with serving tea. Presenting some British culture! Linda said that there were some very good Chinese Scottish dancers.

This morning they went to a park opposite the hotel and again presented the dancing along side local people doing tai chi!

Some more dry weather would really help!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

China Update 1

Well, not much to say as I have not heard much. It seems communication is not easy and not much can be said by a text. They have arrived safely and are into the training camp. Sadly, the leader of the outreach from the UK (Andy) had to cancel at the last moment as his wife miscarried twins. Please pray for Andy and Kathryn. Practically this means Linda will be carrying more responsibility. I know she will do well.
They travel from Hongkong to Kun Ming on Friday (20th) to begin the actual outreach. Just before they left, Linda had a crash course in Scottish dancing so she can help the team perform at various cultural events. Well, at least Elisa is one quarter Scottish.
Us fellows are doing fine. I have not poisoned Jonathan yet and some kind friends at church have had mercy on Jonathan by inviting us out for dinner.
Watch this space, as I have more info I will post it.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Have Bag, Will Travel

"I want a pink suitcase for my birthday!"

Elisa has entered into her second phase of all things in life being "Barbie" Pink. The colour suits her skin tone and her personality. And this bag will certainly be easy to locate on the luggage carousel!

From 13 July - 6 August, Elisa and I (Linda) fly off to take part in a King's Kids outreach in China. We begin with a 5-day training camp in Hong Kong, and then our UK team will spend 2 weeks in Kun Ming doing cultural exchange and sharing our lives and what is most important to us with the people we meet. It will be amazing to join 1,000 young people and leaders in Hong Kong as we launch into our outreach. King's Kids is a part of YWAM which focuses on young people and family in missions, and we have a growing King's Kids team working here out of The King's Lodge.

Elisa has done her bit to raise money for us to get there. She went on a sponsored fast of desserts, fizzy drinks, sweets, candy, and all things nice and wonderful. It lasted for two weeks, ending the day before her 12th birthday so she could enjoy her cake.

The boys will have to cook and clean on their own for nearly 3-1/2 weeks. It is really a little longer apart than any of us would like, so we are trusting God to cover us in our relationships and comfort us as we miss each other.