Wednesday, June 20, 2007

End-of-term whirlwind

This is Phil here, a quick update on the Leage family.

The 2006-7 SBS (School of Biblical Studies) is studying the final book of the Bible right now, Revelation, and the graduation is next week. These 18 students leave us with a wonderful grasp of the Scripture that I know will be such a firm foundation for them in the future. We are proud of the way they have persevered in this demanding and challenging course; they have been a delight to have with us for this year. Some will continue their studies in some form, others back to serve in their local churches and some in missions.

Our schedule next week is quite busy. This Friday we have another Cheerleading event with Elisa performing. Saturday is more cheerleading training and this day is also her birthday. That will mean friends for dinner, a movie and a sleep over. On Sunday Jonathan is playing a football match, a "friendly" at our pitch here at The King’s Lodge. My birthday is next Monday when I will be teaching our Crossroads Discipleship Training School. The subjects are "Keys to Public Speaking" and "Preparing a Message". On Tuesday there is the SBS graduation when we honour our students. Wednesday is our 15th wedding anniversary when I fly out to Germany for a couple of days. There was an SOS sent out for a teacher for Jeremiah on one of our Bible Core Courses so even though I will be there just two days, (Wednesday evening to Friday afternoon) and I will pack a lot of teaching in during this time!

An American/English couple from our church have invited us to a 4th of July barbeque celebration! The next night Linda and I have been given to a meal out together, all expenses paid! It is in a very fancy private restaurant just down the road from us and will be the time we celebrate my birthday and our anniversary. A wonderful gift from the Lord.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update, we trust you have a blessed and refreshing summer season in whatever this means for you.

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